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Recommended Income tax Guidelines

17th November 2011
Most individuals will not significantly look forward to completing their personal taxation assessments plus handing over their own tax return. Since it is, there genuinely isn't significantly to check to because it is a tedious method that normally takes ...
Author: elijahdobell
Immigration Law

What Is Citizenship?

28th March 2011
US Citizenship To qualify for American citizenship, you should be at least 18 years or older and a permanent resident (Green Card holder). You have to be a permanent resident for five years to be eligible to file for citizenship. If your spouse is a ...
Author: Paul Anderson
Internet Law

Acquiring Your CRM Software - Getting It Appropriately

28th March 2011
Had the thoughts of acquiring a CRM software into your company arrived to your thoughts? If that is the case, then maybe you would be baffled as to which CRM program would best fit in for your needs. Though there are lots of choices accessible, just a few...
Author: Richard McWhilly
Immigration Law

US Citizenship Form N-400

22nd March 2011
Want to become a US citizen and enjoy the advantages? As a US citizen, you have the right to vote in the US federal elections. You can petition your family members for permanent stay in the US. You can also obtain citizenship for your children born abr...
Author: Paul Anderson

2007 Federal Excise Tax Refund Warning

01st February 2011
Sales Tax: Washington State imposes a sales tax on the retail sale of tangible goods and many services. This tax is reported on the same revenue return discussed above. Thus, it can be due monthly, quarterly or annually. The rate varies depending on your ...
Author: Abraham Williams

Unamarried Child Custody-Child Custody and Unmarried Parents

20th January 2011
Child custody problems for unmarried couples are every bit as complicated for unmarried couples as it is for married couples who decide to divorce. There are entirely new and different issues in unmarried child custody cases. The primary question is w...
Author: Terry Legal
Business Law

An Alternative to a Buy-Sell Agreement

01st April 2010
The advantages of a buy-sell agreement are well known to owners of closely-held businesses and their advisors. First, a buy-sell agreement creates a "market" for what would otherwise be an unmarketable asset. Second, a buy-sell agreement assures...
Author: Julius Giarmarco, Esq.
Estate Planning

The Importance of Legal Form

01st April 2010
In legal terms a will is to manage and take care of others estate of belongings and the transfer of his wealth to the others after his death. The person who prepares the will is called testator or designator. He describes everything that that will be elig...
Author: James Kahn
Employment Law

Corporate Employment Law

05th January 2010
The application of Unlawful Harassment and Wrongful Termination laws to At Will EmploymentEmployment laws are complicated affairs, with different statutes handling different components. They govern the relationship between the employer and the employee. T...
Author: Jack Copper
Lemon Law

Introducing Lemon Laws in Australia

21st December 2009
In many countries, including the US and the EU, the government offers protection to consumers with Lemon Laws, laws that require car manufacturers and retailers to be held accountable for vehicles that are qualified as "lemons". Recently, there has been d...
Author: Scott Jamieson
Personal Injury

Compensation claims: a 7-step guide to the personal injury claims process

21st June 2009
You can make a personal injury claim in the UK on a no win, no fee basis. But how do these personal injury claims really work, and what are the possible outcomes? Here is a brief outline of the claims process you will go through if you choose to make ...
Author: Jessica Parker

General Negligence and its Elements

07th July 2008
There exists General Negligence when one person caused damage to another person due to willful disregard to or lack of the necessary precautions that an ordinary man is expected to observe.When a person suffered damages on account of another person's negl...
Author: Mesriani Law Group