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04th November 2011
GST is a destination based consumption tax. Consumption taxes are regressive in nature. It increases the gap between the rich and the poor. The pertinent point is whether such tax would be fruitful for the economy as a whole or not? Is it not so that shif...
Author: lawcruxadvisors

Ways To Prevent Overpaying On Your Taxes

10th May 2011
During tax season, people's most important issue is how to keep from forking out more taxation that they need to. Normally it's in the last period during those lag months, people try a last ditch effort to save, but there are steps you can take now in ord...
Author: Valerie Garner

Tax Season

27th April 2011
Relating to January and mid-April, Americans throughout the country will be bracing themselves, preparing and filing for ones 2011 tax season. Vital documents, forms and financial summaries shall be sent out to each one and then sent back out with taxatio...
Author: Clair Gould

What Happens to the House in a Divorce

21st March 2011
Next to the children, the division of property is probably the most important part of the divorce proceedings. This is especially true when there is ownership of a house before the divorce proceedings are begun. There are several options open to couples w...
Author: Christy

Federal Income Tax Withheld- Free Helpful Article Federal Income Tax Withheld

07th January 2011
Income tax preparation is a vital side of everybody's life. Each US voters scramble to get their taxation estimate preparation finished in time for the cut-off point. To make income tax preparation less complicated, there are many tools available to aid i...
Author: pawanalley

Personal Tax Exemption

01st October 2010
Every person who files a tax return is entitled to one personal tax exemption. The exemption should reduce a person’s tax burden and help them qualify for a tax refund. The only time you can claim a personal tax exemption is if a person claims you as a...
Author: bruceconans

How To Avoid tax problem for Representative Office Set Up in china

07th January 2010
A Chinese Representative Office (RO) may be the easiest and the cheapest way to establish your firm's presence in China. However there are some traps which you should be aware of before and after the RO's set up. Firstly, non-payment of taxes is a seri...
Author: Tom Lee

Origin of the Alternative Minimum Tax - 1969 (yes, the same year as Woodstock)

18th June 2009
From Title 26 of the United States Code - also known as the Internal Revenue Code: "Subchapter A of chapter 1 (relating to determination of tax liability) is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new part: "Part VI - Minimum Tax for Ta...
Author: kinal

What’s the Big Picture When it Comes to AMT Planning?

08th June 2009
In the past several articles we have talked about tax planning, and Alternative Minimun Tax planning in particular. Sure, it gets into some details, and sure, taxes are not easy. But let's step back and take a look at the "forest for the trees" and do a...
Author: kinal