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Business Law

Property Management through Handling Roof Repairs and Replacements

18th June 2012
Roof repairs are mostly done by specialized professionals and sometimes a homeowner or a handyman can do the fixing. The qualified tradesman always does the repair or roof replacement in a more thorough and professional way than an ordinary handy man henc...
Author: KevinGrant
Business Law

What is Workers Compensation?

22nd July 2011
Many business owners do not know that workers compensation insurance is mandatory for any company with employees that does business in New York. Without any sort of coverage for workman’s compensation, an employee who either receives an injury or becomes...
Author: aliciagunther

Factors On Which The Charge Of Hiring A Workman's Comp Attorney Depends

04th March 2011
Are you facing trouble in getting the compensation for the disabling injury you have suffered while at work? Then it's time to call for a workman's comp attorney. However, are you bothered about the cost of hiring a lawyer? Do not fret; here is a short gu...
Author: quinlanmurray
Personal Injury

What to Do after a Work-Related Injury

13th July 2010
Accidents in the workplace are unfortunately a common event; they can range from small slip and fall accidents to more serious problems and even lead to wrongful death. Work place accidents can happen anywhere at any time! The Department of Labor found ...
Author: David
Personal Injury

Those Who Have Sustained an Injury: Are You Thinking of Suing?

07th June 2010
Should you sustain an injury that you think is attributable to the fault of another, there are some key inquiries that should aid in making a determination regarding the wisdom of filing suit. The first thing to consider is if negligence played some role ...
Author: Steven Martinez

Labour's Workman Like Budget

24th March 2010
It has been reported that the forthcoming budget on Wednesday 24th March 2010 is going to be a workman like budget and has been influenced by Lord Mandleson. I think it is only fair to say that a great country like Britain with soldiers dying in Afgha...
Author: UK Tax Refunds