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Business Law

Singapore Company Registration Guide For Foreign Individuals

28th February 2011
The authority that regulates and facilitates business entities and public accountants in Singapore or the official Singapore company registrar is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Moreover, it plays a significant role in smoothing ...
Author: asiabiz
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Automated Databases Not Copy Righted?

18th February 2011
In the recent case of Telstra Corporation Limited v Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd [2010] FCA 44, the Full Federal Court held that computer generated databases are not protected by copyright laws as these do not add any literary value or human authorsh...
Author: kylejamy

Free Federal Tax USA 2010 and Federal Tax Refund USA Online

21st January 2011
Federal taxes refer to the offerings to be paid by individuals as compulsory by the government; these offerings are from those who are employed. The fee of federal taxes takes place every year. The amount to be paid by an individual is determined through ...
Author: denialnichol
Business Law

Key Differences Between the 3 Types of Singapore Company Formations

16th November 2010
There are a lot of advantages that businesses in Singapore would enjoy- advantages such as it is near major markets, the government is practical and reasonable, the benefits that foreign companies would enjoy in terms of taxes and corporate laws. These ar...
Author: zbenriquez
Business Law

Limitations on Majority Rule in the management of Business Entites

30th April 2010
The general rule in the corporate governance of business entities -- including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships -- is that absent an agreement or statutory requirement to the contrary, majority rule governs. Indeed, majority equ...
Author: Samuel Goldman & Associates
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International Brand Registration & Protection

29th April 2010
Generally, Brand refers to the trade mark used to distinguish the goods or services among the consumers. The business group sells their services or goods under the specified name or brand that is called trade mark. Therefore, the brand is registered in or...
Author: Mrs. Geeta Dalal
Business Law

Form A Corporation, Only Way To Form A Business

31st March 2010
If you’re going to start a business with somebody else,. Forming a partnership is usually the most common approach since it’s easier and cheaper to manage than the corporate cousins; namely the Corporation and Limited Liability Corporation.A L...
Author: lawinc
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18th March 2010
I P R Portfolio Management refers to the generation, protection, commercialization and management of Patent, Trademark, Copyright & other related issues. It is required for business entities as to ensure that their ideas in terms of their technology, ...
Author: Dr. Javed Hasan

Communication and Family Law

11th March 2010
From my friends in psychology, I know that that good communication is at the heart of good relationships. As an attorney, I can tell you that good communication is vital to successful legal proceedings as well. Perhaps nowhere is this more accurate than ...
Author: Mark Baer

Tips for Finding a Tax Professional to Help You to Fight against IRS

22nd December 2009
As taking on the IRS at times it's best to avail help through a tax professional for your IRS tax relief. Tax attorneys, CPAs or registered agents are all competent to get on tax issues. Whether you face a regular request for supplementary documentation...
Author: Joseph