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Personal Injury

Some Notes on Personal Injury Settlements

04th October 2011
Settlement in the context of law refers to an agreement, resolution, or contract between the two parties in a civil law suit. In this kind of arrangement, one party intends to keep the case from going to trial by offering a certain amount of money or a se...
Author: ethanrehman
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney - Smart Move

04th October 2011
They assume that the insurance company will take care of them, not really considering the fact that insurance companies are in business to make money. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can level the playing field against insurance companies who wi...
Author: EmmanuelMitchell
Immigration Law

The 411 on the EB-5 Visa

16th August 2011
The EB-5 visa was created by the United States Immigration Act of 1990, providing a specific method of green card application for foreign nationals who invest money in the U.S. The 1992 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, aimed at stimulating economic activ...
Author: Joe Sloboda
Medical Malpractice

Defending Medical Malpractice Claims

18th March 2011
If you are in a high-risk profession, like that of a doctor or nurse, you may have to face malpractice and liability claims. How do you handle such cases? What do you do to avoid paying hefty sums as damages? Well, the first thing to do is get in touch wi...
Author: Jorjina
Personal Injury

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

17th September 2010
Statistics show that personal injury cases have become a common legal issue in US and Washington DC is not an exception in this regard. If you have been severely injured in an accident that has resulted from somebody else’s negligence it is crucial that y...
Author: Mark Hall
Internet Law

The need for professional Joomla Developer in today’s era

09th September 2010
In today’s era there is a neck-to-neck competition between web masters and companies to get higher position in the Search Engines. Everyone wants to have the best website which can attract lots of visitors and business. And for that they have to be with t...
Author: marshalrosy

Find The Best Divorce Lawyer Alpharetta, GA

02nd July 2010
Every one in his or her life will come through a turning point. Whether it is for bad or good, divorce is one among them. Marriage life, which starts with loads of dreams and expectation all of a sudden stands behind the big question mark of divorce. Thes...
Author: Alpharettadivorceattorneys
Immigration Law

Immigration to Canada Process is Fast and Safe

16th February 2010
Canada is the first choice amongst people who are planning to settle down in some other country for the rest of their life. Canada is an industrialized nation booming with unlimited opportunities for immigrants. Hundreds of people every year apply for imm...
Author: Jacob