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Honest Commissioner of Police PSR Anjaneyulu being maligned

03rd March 2011
This is with reference to an article published by you. You may have learned recently of the accusations against Inspector General (IG) of Greyhounds, PSR Anjaneyulu, fondly called PSR/Anjan. PSR has been one of the few to have survived the tough terrain o...
Author: prashant
Business Law

How to Effectively Discipline Employees

24th August 2010
Part of being a leader means making tough calls. Being a good leader means making tough decisions without being tough on people. Most managers are pretty good at delivering bad news, and can be appropriately compassion when needed. Itís in the area of ...
Author: Jane-Michele Clark
Immigration Law

The importance of French immigration lawyer

05th July 2010
Are you planning to shift to another country? Well then you must be aware of the legalities that you have to go through at the time of your relocation. When a person immigrates to another place for a genuine purpose like to study or for a medical treatmen...
Author: Pardhi Media Marketing
Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury Lawsuit Information

29th April 2010
Birth injuries can happen as the result of a mismanaged labor and delivery, mistakes made during child birth, and/or negligence of the needs of the mother and baby. If you have a child who was the victim of a birth injury, you may be able to bring a birth...
Author: Penelope Stone
Personal Injury

Avoiding Back Injuries

08th February 2010
Back injuries are among the most common of all home and work related injuries. They also account for more time off work than almost any other personal injury. From lumbago, to a slipped disc, to broken vertebrae backs are very susceptible to injury. Becau...
Author: SmithSEO

Drowning Accident - The Legal Ramifications

05th July 2009
Drowning accidents are harrowing for anyone. Sadly there are a large number of drowning accidents every year. A drowning accident can happen quickly. They can result from someone falling in a pool, jumping in the pool the wrong way, being trapped in pool ...
Author: Micheal Russell

Executors and Trustees Are Not the Same

08th September 2008
Let's review the difference between a will and a living trust before looking at the differences between the estate planning terms executors and trustees: A will is a legal document directing the disposition of assets upon a person's death. A living ...
Author: Author Unknown