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Honest Commissioner of Police PSR Anjaneyulu being maligned

03rd March 2011
By prashant in Legal
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This is with reference to an article published by you. You may have learned recently of the accusations against Inspector General (IG) of Greyhounds, PSR Anjaneyulu, fondly called PSR/Anjan. PSR has been one of the few to have survived the tough terrain of Vijayawada as Commissioner of Police where he managed to curb unlawful activities during his tenure.

As CP he reduced campus violence by enforcing the removal of `loyalty’ stickers from motor bikes, carried out a drive against ragging, removed decades’ old names of `history-sheeters’ from crime registers so that they could lead a normal life, broke the back-bone of ‘blade criminals’ involved in thefts and injuring people and generally made life secure for people of Vijayawada.

He also brought about a change within the police department ensuring that those coming to file complaints or facing charges were treated decently by being greeted and offered water. This did not go down well with many criminal elements and others. In the light of this it is not surprising that he was embroiled in the SMS scandal where he has been accused of harassing a lady doctor. In a bout of irresponsible reporting the media has sensationalized the issue and have tarnished the image of an honest officer.

PSR had also rubbed a prominent politician the wrong way by reprimanding him for holding a press conference in the CP’s office and by refusing to give him additional security when he was out of power. It is alleged that he is the one who is orchestrating the current campaign against PSR.

Here are some facts to establish tarnishing of PSR image:

• All SMS sent by PSR were in reply to the lady doctor’s SMS. PSR, being a seasoned officer had figured out the plot. He was leading this lady on to reveal the true source behind the well orchestrated drama. Before he could do so, a biased one-sided story was played on electronic media.

• Why would PSR agree to be interviewed on a TV Channel after the scandal broke out?? He could have just declined to comment like many others do. But, he chose to come before the people, because he had nothing to fear about and had done nothing wrong.

• Those familiar with his ways of his functioning also know that he makes himself highly accessible to each and every citizen, to the extent of giving away his cell phone number, to ensure that everyone who needs his help is able to reach him.

• The timing of the scandal is also questionable, as PSR had already applied for a long leave just four days before his eventual transfer to Hyderabad. Was there a feeling that this was the only chance to get back at him, before he left?

• The lady doctor in question is unavailable for comment

A study conducted by an independent organization, Guardian’s Human Civil Rights Forum, ( casts some light on the issue. It finds that people of Vijayawada believed that the CP was an upright officer who made criminals uncomfortable. Girls and women believed that he has been a victim of political vendetta. The study also revealed the high level of consciousness regarding the issue among the residents of Vijayawada City.

Vedavathi V Rao


6th February, 2011
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