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Immigration Law

Obtaining a US Work Visa

28th March 2011
Each and every foreign nationwide who wishes to enter U.s. must receive a visa. The usa visas are labeled into Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are utilized by individuals who wish to travel to dwell permanently in US. Non-immigrant visa...
Author: Michael Opulente

Judgment Settlers

14th July 2010
I know a lot, but I'm not a lawyer. If you need legal advice, contact a lawyer. Many people know that most judgments are never enforced. There are many reasons for this, some of which include: laws do not make it easy to enforce judgments, some debtors...
Author: Mark D. Shapiro
Personal Injury

Those Who Have Sustained an Injury: Are You Thinking of Suing?

07th June 2010
Should you sustain an injury that you think is attributable to the fault of another, there are some key inquiries that should aid in making a determination regarding the wisdom of filing suit. The first thing to consider is if negligence played some role ...
Author: Steven Martinez
Personal Injury

Worker's Compensation Law 101

31st March 2010
Any person can greatly benefit with regard to a compensation law if this concept is present in their place of employment. Having any form of worker's compensation primarily provides the employees with a secured medical insurance claim if they will encount...
Author: Pamela Emerson
Accident claims

Illinois Car Accident Laws and Statistics – Interesting Info

29th March 2010
Roadway departures were involved with 53% of Illinois motor vehicle accident fatalities. This means that people went off of the road and lost control of their car. Intersection related car accidents amounted to 26% of car accident deaths. Large trucks inv...
Author: Penelope Stone

An Outline On Law, Lawyers And Law Firms

23rd March 2010
Law is a constitution, which establishes and defines the conditions of the state and its organization. Law is a basis for the society. The society makes use of the law as the primary building blocks to get justice. Its main aim is to bring justice at va...
Author: Sarah Jose

Introduction to Employee Compensation Law

05th March 2010
Any person can greatly benefit with regard to a compensation law if this concept is present in their place of employment. Workers need the security of having someone or something they can turn to for help especially with medically related situations so th...
Author: Scott Thompson
Personal Injury

Whiplash Compensation Claims – How to Make your Claim and What is Involved in the claiming Process

30th December 2009
It's a nasty bit of business that no one really ever wants to have to deal with. Whiplash injury often results not only in physical discomfort and pain from injuries due to whiplash but can cause loss of wages and problems at your place of employment du...
Author: Whiplash Expert

Ohio Child Support Laws

09th May 2007
Applying for Ohio child support services is quite simple. All you will need to do is fill out an application and you are a step further in receiving the child support benefits you need. Applying for child support is absolutely free depending on what count...
Author: Holcy Thompson III