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Ohio Child Support Laws

09th May 2007
By Holcy Thompson III in Legal
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Applying for Ohio child support services is quite simple. All you will need to do is fill out an application and you are a step further in receiving the child support benefits you need. Applying for child support is absolutely free depending on what county you applied in. In other counties there is a one time small fee if you wish to apply for Ohio child support.

In order to establish child support in the state of Ohio, you must follow the same guidelines that apply in many other states in America. You must first establish some sort of paternity to determine the biological father. Once the biological father is revealed, you must provide the courts with as much information about them as possible. Information such as their social security number, phone number, place of employment, and address.

Ohio child support also has laws that help the custodial parent collect payments. There are several methods to enforcing child support laws in the state of Ohio. Those methods are: income withholding, unemployment compensation garnishment, lottery prize winnings, financial assets, etc. These and many more penalties will occur if the non-custodial parents refuse to make child support payments.

The custodial parent may also request to have modifications every several years to match the non-custodial parent's wages. The non-custodial parent may also do the same if they are laid off or received a decrease in pay.

Ohio child support is a service that helps the custodial parent provide for their young. This service will also provide assistance in enforcing payments in the non-custodial parent falls behind or refuses to pay.

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