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IRS Tax Debt What Do IRS Notices Imply, and How Do I Reply?

04th May 2011
Threatening Letters If you have a difficulty with the IRS, they immediately send you a recognize. A widespread recognize is "Observe of Tax Due and Need for Payment". When you pull some thing like that out of your mailbox, most men and women panic and th...
Author: MarkApplegate

Dealing With An IRS Tax Audit

14th October 2010
If you have received a letter that your tax returns are being examined, do not panic. Every year, a small percentage of taxpayers are audited. Receiving a notice of an IRS audit does not mean that you have done something wrong or not paid your taxes. The ...
Author: Jane M Dawson

What are the benefits filing a 1040 tax return?

05th October 2010
Unfortunately tips are considered taxable income in the United States. A person will have to report any significant amount of tips that they receive on their tax return. An individual who receives a few cash tips probably won’t have to bother reporting t...
Author: bruceconans
Immigration Law

UK Tier 4 Dependent Issues

21st July 2010
Recently I have tried to submit a Tier 4 Dependent for an unmarried couple that have been living together for over 5 years. This couple had more than sufficient evidence of their relationship going back 5 years. On their date of submission the embassy wor...
Author: jonnylips
Immigration Law

Visa Waiver for Refusal at the US Consulate

29th June 2010
For US visa applicants who were issued a "blue sheet" 221(g) under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), wherein the consular officer discovered new information or detected a discrepancy in the case, the applicant is given an opportunity to remit evidenc...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Employment Law

Work is Needed to Repair the Current Worker's Compensation Law

23rd April 2010
The maximum payout should be provided in compensation to a worker who suffers an amputation due to an on the job injury. This translates to a weekly rate of approximately $400 for the maximum time allotted of 312 weeks in the State of New York. For an inj...
Author: Dorothy Hernandez
Accident claims

Truck Driver Fatigue

23rd March 2010
According to the National Transportation Safety Board, people need, on average, 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation can, over time, lead to fatigue. Being awake when typically asleep or being awake during the early morning hours when the body i...
Author: Randall Rozek

Concepts of Partnership Disputes

18th November 2008
Partnership Partnership is a type of business structure that has two or more owners and has not been registered as either a limited liability company or a corporation. It may be considered as the cheapest and simplest business entity that can be establ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group