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Criminal Law: A Crucial Evaluation of Murder

09th October 2011
Introduction Murder isn't provided for in any statute in England or Wales, with its definition emanating from case law. The definition of murder will be counteracted into 2 components, mens rea and actus reus. This transient article can target these two ...
Author: Amie Erickson
Internet Law

Benchmark marketing's secrets

04th April 2011
Email marketing can now be considered as the biggest tool employed by a lot companies. Since its inception, it has reached new levels and heights and marketing was never the same again. Emails generated by companies to market their products and services a...
Author: prashant mamtora
Immigration Law

Tiger Woods Will Bounce Back again

08th February 2011
Tiger Woods is most likely to and will bounce back in the coming 12 months and he will be playing with a vengeance. He does not have substantially of a pick in the issue if he ever desires to break Jack Nicklaus's file in the quantity of total majors won....
Author: Lewis Pitts

Nanny Tax Canada

08th February 2011
Tax4Nanny undertakes various Nanny Tax services in Canada. The Nanny Tax services include proper calculations and reporting, along with assurance that all registration requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Tax4Nanny has become the one-step solu...
Author: tax4nanny
Internet Law

Host Your Own Website Instead of a Social Network Profile

07th February 2011
Social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace have grown exponentially ever since their inception several years ago. Besides being an excellent way to keep in contact with friends and relatives, they are a very useful tool for service providers, on...
Author: shilpa dws
Medical Malpractice

What Exactly Is Employer Liability Law?

14th January 2011
To be sure railroad workers were reasonably compensated, The Federal Employer Liability (FELA) was enacted. Because of the dangers associated with working in the railroad industry, injuries are prevalent. Employees needed protection for those injuries whi...
Author: Garrett Hawkins
Internet Law

Section 230 of the CDA and Website Immunity

16th December 2010
The Communications Decency Act, found in Section 230 of Title 47 of the US Code, was enacted in 1996 to provide website operators with immunity for third-party content. Before being enacted, there was no clear cut answer as to when a website operator woul...
Author: Aaron Kelly

Mediation And Family Law

11th March 2010
By utilizing some form of collaborative law in family law matters, the parties maintain control over the outcome. After all, a settlement can only be reached by agreement among the parties. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on each and eve...
Author: Mark Baer