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Benchmark marketing's secrets

04th April 2011
By prashant mamtora in Internet Law
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Email marketing can now be considered as the biggest tool employed by a lot companies. Since its inception, it has reached new levels and heights and marketing was never the same again. Emails generated by companies to market their products and services are not only cheap, but effective means to reach out to a bigger market. If you want to have this experience, try the following:

Say what they want to hear

Great emails are emails tailored-fit to your customers needs and wants. Often, the failure of campaigns is attributed to rather generic emails sent out to customers. It will be wise to study your market by knowing how it behaves and what it wants. You can do this by studying the demographics so that you will have an idea about what sort of customers you are dealing with. Emails should be tailored-fit to the wants or needs of your customers. You can help the undecided ones decide into buying by reaching out to them through an email.

Personal emails works best

You need to gain your customer's trust and you can only do this if you're able to build rapport first. This can be achieved by simply using their names when emailing and using their email addresses. You should also be consistent in the email address that you use to that they will know that you are a legitimate employee of the company you are representing. Customers appreciate it when they feel they are being valued as individuals because you care enough to know their names, or know what they want.

Keep it simple

Use a clear, straightforward and professional language when emailing your customers. Your customers will appreciate this as they are likely busy and your email marketing must be deserving enough of their time and effort. By simplifying things for them, you raise one possibility that is the possibility of a sale; and eliminate one risk, the risk of losing a customer.

Save the best for last

Don't spill it out all at once. Information dumping is a crime in email marketing. You don't want to confuse or discourage your customers. Keeping your statements brief and concise will encourage your customers to learn more about your product. Take it one step at a time. If they want to know more, they will ask and answer each question along the way.

Make it happen, ask for a sale

Making a sale, but a natural end to the wholesales process. Ask for the business. You can request a customer to fill out a survey, follow a link or simply ask them to buy for the benefits the product has to offer to them. You will never know when they are ready to make that purchase.

Wow them with that line

Have a catchy subject line to catch and sustain your customer's interest. The subject line will determine your fate. You will want to have a subject line worthy of your customer's time and attention, so it better be catchy and convincing.

Online resources to stay ahead of the game

Google analytics is, but one of the many tools which you can use to check on your customers wants and needs. This tool will lead you to sites they visited or frequented, or what product attracts them the most.

Job not done, yet

After sending that email, make sure to check for follow through or additional questions. If you handle them correctly, you might have a sale waiting for you.

Target and upsell

Upselling and highlighting the benefits of your product will land you that sale. By utilizing Google Analytics, you can identify the customers who might be interested in what you have to sell.
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