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Business Law

Facts involved in Small business funding through business grants.

14th March 2011
“You need to spend money to make money holds.” This old saying gets true when you are on the verge of starting a business. Apart from the capital investment you make, your business portfolio involves the operational expenses too, this calls for the fi...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Internet Law

Designing an Effective Ecommerce Website: Four Questions to Answer

11th March 2011
To enjoy a wide spectrum of global customers, the best solution that you can bank on is an effective ecommerce website design that most modern day companies bank on. Supported with various new features and facilities, an ecommerce website paves the gatewa...
Author: Sourav Paul
Business Law

Legal Advantages That a Singapore Company Incorporation Offers

22nd February 2011
There are many reasons to consider a Singapore Incorporation. One of the most important reasons is the laws against unfair competition. This keeps one business from "taking over" and forming a monopoly that could eliminate a fair business market. The Comp...
Author: asiabiz
Internet Law

What is the Impact of Microsoft Dynamics on current market?

10th September 2010
Microsoft is the world’s biggest organization and is famous for its user friendly software’s and applications. With the passage of time, technology is changing along with the needs of people in terms of family and business life. From time to time Micros...
Author: Msdax