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Deferred Annuity The Best Choice for an Annuitant

17th January 2011
Investment in annuity is a prudent decision on part of you in order to strengthen your financial position in the post retirement phase. An annuity is nothing but a contract between an individual and his insurance company to ensure a steady cash flow in fu...
Author: lassy

Tax Advantages for the Annuity Holders

28th October 2010
Tax Advantages Money invested and allowed to accumulate in an annuity for several years grows without the need to pay taxes until you begin receiving payments. This is called tax deferment. Death and disability are the only reasons the IRS allows ...
Author: Simon

Medicaid Annuities - Scam or Benefit?

17th August 2009
While the popular belief is that Medicaid is only for the underprivileged that is not really the case. In Florida, and in many other states, even the middle class with substantial assets can be eligible to receive this kind of coverage for nursing home or...
Author: Beth