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Oklahoma City Divorce - The Prenuptial Agreement

06th June 2011
There is a lot of talk these days about how divorce attorneys, through the overuse of prenuptial agreements, have diluted the act of marriage into being a routine business transaction between two parties. Personally speaking, I am opposed to prenups. Ca...
Author: matthewingham
Medical Malpractice

Are You Looking For Some Of The Best Malpractice Lawyers?

03rd March 2011
Life is extremely unpredictable and you should always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Be it medical malpractice, injuries or even accidents, a disaster can strike you anytime. If you have been the victim of someone else's negligence, then you hav...
Author: Winston Jenkins

2010 New York State Tax Calculator Online

18th January 2011
If you plan on filing your 2010 New York state taxes a 2010 NY state tax calculator is fundamental. You'll want a program that doesn't just take into account your wages and tax brackets -- it also needs to estimate critical deductions-related information ...
Author: denialnichol
Estate Planning

Why Contractors Need Public Liability Insurance

10th August 2010
If you're a contractor, then you know that you are responsible for many things. Everything from your employees, the project, the client, and the business rely on you to make the right decisions. Because of this, there are many risks to being a contracto...
Author: alfredalton
Family Law

Guide to Buying Contractors Insurance in Australia

05th August 2010
As a contractor, a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders from making sure that all the legal work is accurate, that the project is being worked on, and the client's requests are being made. One more thing on the list is getting contractors insura...
Author: alfredalton
Accident claims

Austin Car Accident Lawyer: How They Can Be Of Assistance To you

20th May 2010
If you are involved in a car accident, you will know about the different complications that can arise from the same. In fact, people that are involved I accidents undergo a lot of trauma, and depending on the scale of the accident, the recovery period too...
Author: Ima Johnson
Criminal Law

Steps To Taking On How To Avoid Identity Theft

22nd March 2010
Identity theft is that criminal act that has far reaching implications. The short term affects of identity theft is that individuals can unlawfully obtain merchandise utilizing the individual's credit cards and ATM cards. However, the long term affect has...
Author: lisa lucero

New Jersey Marijuana Possession Crimes

20th May 2008
Marijuana possession is the number one criminal offense that clogs New Jersey county and municipal courts. According to the New Jersey State Police, there were almost 29,000 drug arrests in New Jersey in only the first six months of 2007, twice more than ...
Author: Author Unknown