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Bankruptcy Law

Does a Chapter 13 Wipe Out IRS Tax Debt?

14th April 2011
Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for people who owe money in America, but it cannot eliminate all debts. The idea that it can simply wipe the financial slate clean is a canard. As a general rule, bankruptcy protection can help people get rid of credit debt a...
Author: Dori Faxton
Bankruptcy Law

How to decide if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is Right for You?

16th March 2011
If you have read our article on Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test and figure your income is below the average state median income and you really want to file chapter 7 to erase some of your unsecured debts, here are 3 questions you MUST be able to answer be...
Author: Hussein
Bankruptcy Law

Get advice from reliable Colorado Springs Bankruptcy attorney

28th February 2011
If you feel that you are going bankrupt then hire a good Colorado Springs Bankruptcy attorney who can offer good advice related to it. The problem is not uncommon and many people are dealing with it especially because of the recent recession. Unpaid credi...
Author: clawsonlow
Bankruptcy Law

Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers Serve Your Needs

08th February 2011
Filing for personal bankruptcy with ...
Author: ArticleSubmit Auto
Bankruptcy Law

What are the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debt Limits

20th January 2011
The bankruptcy law reads that one can only file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection if their total debt falls below the defined debt limits. Before I get distracted, let me give you the information you came for: the Arizona chapter 13 bankruptcy debt ...
Author: Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Brief History of the Income Tax in America

17th December 2010
As you search for income tax repairer related information or other information about income tax tables or Connecticut income tax rate, take your time to view the below article. It will provide you with a really refreshing insight into the income tax prepa...
Author: Bill Potter
Bankruptcy Law

Filing chapter 7 and 13: The Ultimate Solution to Get Rid of Debts

08th October 2010
Bankruptcy is a last resort and the final option left for all those people who are under great debt. Though it is the last option for you, but before filling for the bankruptcy, you should have the basic knowledge about the bankruptcy, its laws, processes...
Author: jemmyfoster
Bankruptcy Law

What are the advantages of bankruptcy?

30th July 2010
Many perceive bankruptcy as a negative aspect. They think that bankruptcy gives embarrassment and brings down the status of an individual. But when you come right down to it, bankruptcy can really tarnish your reputation and dignity. Most especially that ...
Author: Wanda Jones

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Law

02nd June 2010
The law on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) is now firmly part of the range of remedies available to someone with significant debt problems. An individual consumer, or self employed person, with unsecured debts - usually greater than at least £120...
Author: Rich Spencer-Hayes
Bankruptcy Law

New Bankruptcy Laws - How to Eliminate Unsecured Debt by 50% and Avoid Filing For Bankruptcy

17th May 2010
The best option for individuals facing financial issues is to avoid bankruptcy by using settlement programs. People in debt are guided by numerous programs to eliminate unsecured debts. The best way of getting out of debt is not filing for bank...
Author: Otis
Bankruptcy Law

Do the Rules for Chapter 13 in Missouri and Illinois Allow Me to File?

12th April 2010
Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides many great benefits to hard-working Americans who have fallen into debt like protection from foreclosure, credit card debt help, and relief from wage garnishment. To get these benefits, however, there are a few rules you hav...
Author: JamesBrown
Bankruptcy Law

Does My Chapter 13 Payment Change With My Income ?

29th March 2010
The decision to file for bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. With the multiple bankruptcy plans available and the changes to bankruptcy law that occurred in 2005, it is important to be an informed about options from various scenarios. If you are consid...
Author: Campbell Grenier
Bankruptcy Law

Know how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy deal with small businesses debt . . .

23rd March 2010
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to eliminate most common types of unsecured debts. Unsecured debt can include : credit union loans, finance company loans, bank loans, medical bills, and credit card debt. Other things that chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you...
Author: Jim Knight
Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 7 Exemptions and Chapter 13 Dischargeable Debts

24th November 2009
It is quite important to understand the benefices each Chapter of bankruptcy offer prior to taking on any bankruptcy legal procedures. What are the debts that are subject to exoneration in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? The range of exemptions i...
Author: EstherA