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Employment Law

Employment law update failure to consider bumping makes redundancy dismissal unfair.

01st June 2011
There may be occasions where an employer has to make redundancies when it is necessary to consider offering a potentially redundant employee an alternative role already held by a second person, and making the second person redundant instead. This is known...
Author: KateRussell
Real Estate Law

Finding A Good Real Estate Attorney

15th February 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Paul Evans Real estate investing involves a lot of legal but risky transactions. This is the main reason why real estate investors need a good real estate attorney to protect their investment properties. That person should know a lot...
Author: Paul
Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney: An Overview

06th July 2010
As they have a powerful financial state there is a vast pool of opportunities there. For this purpose folks from other nations specially third globe countries favor to move to these powerful designed nations. This proceed from a single nation to one more...
Author: Dominick Soto

Proving Race Discrimination in Employment

11th June 2009
Direct race discrimination is when an organisation (or an employee of the organisation) treats a person less favourably than someone else on racial grounds. Proving direct race discrimination is not trivial. The burden of proof is on the employee alleging...
Author: Simon King