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Personal Injury

It Was Only an Accident

14th October 2010
California is a large state with a hefty population. There are millions of tourists that visit the state each year. These visitors’ inexperience on the California roads coupled with the mass population is an accident waiting to happen. There are tho...
Author: Tikee Pittman
Internet Law

Tips For Avoiding Cyber Crime

23rd April 2010
Editor's note: One-third of all data breaches occur in small businesses: the following piece provides excellent tips for protecting your small business. It was written by freelancer Jason Turbow for BizWise, the monthly Cisco newsletter for business owner...
Author: Jeremy Jones
Internet Law

Identity Theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of personal identifying informatio

19th April 2010
They charge card quantity - without having your permission by an additional individual to commit fraudulent or criminal acts. ID thieves take out phony loans or ring up bogus charges inside your name. Identification theft is really a crime whereby, an ind...
Author: Magic
Internet Law

How to Detect Click Fraud for Small Business Websites

19th April 2010
It's important to stay calm and rational when trying to assess if your advertising campaigns are falling victim to click fraud. Not generating business through paid search is more often a result of poor campaign set up or bad management rather than a mali...
Author: Rob Hartley
Internet Law

Scams in the UK – Protecting Yourself

15th April 2010
Scams come in different variants designed to draw us using a specific trigger such as advertising a hard to obtain item, a bargain price good or the opportunity to earn extra money. Fraudsters often pretend to be e-mailing from big brands and use the comp...
Author: kIM
Criminal Law

Why Identity Theft Protection Is Essential

30th March 2010
The number of people falling victim to identity theft is on a continuous upward trend. If you want to minimize the chance of your personal information falling in to the wrong hands then you will need to understand why identity theft protection is essentia...
Author: Jesse Whitehead
Copyright & Trademark

Worried About Plagiarism? Copyright Your Original Work

19th March 2009
When you have finished a piece of work there is always a sense of achievement. You sit back and look over it and think "this is as good as it can be, and I have worked at it until it is finished". But in some ways, finishing the work is only the beginning...
Author: mgordon