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Medical Malpractice

US Medicare and Concierge Medical Practices

11th April 2011
Have you noticed that your doctors seems to be in a big rush? Many Americans seeking medical care notice that their plan doctors seem to race in and out of appointments, and they leave a lot of the appointment to their nurses and other office staff. S...
Author: marilyn katz
Immigration Law

Being Successful in The Naturalization Application

05th April 2011
Someone is known as a US citizen, when he/she can be a legal member with the United states of america. Getting a US Citizen , the individual is rewarded with all of the rights and privileges that turn out to be a component of US Citizenship. The individua...
Author: Klaus Wood

Bureaucrats, Taxes and Income

07th March 2011
As we all have come to be aware, taxes are our single largest expense in our lives. Our hard earned tax dollars go to bureaucrats that find many creative ways to spend it as well as many creative ways to continue taxing us. However, the really rich find d...
Author: mathewowens

Get Latest Tax Tips for 2011 Tax Year Online

09th February 2011
Four Tax Tips about Tip Income 1. Tips are taxable. Tips are subject to federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes. The value of non–cash tips, such as tickets, passes or other items of value, is also income and subject to tax. 2. Include tips o...
Author: Jerry Smith

How and When to Sign Up for Medicare Insurance: Seniors Who Turn 65 Need to Know

26th January 2011
Signing up for Medicare insurance when you turn 65 is a right of passage for many aging Americans. However, there is a limited window of opportunity to enroll in Medicare insurance without facing penalties such as a delay in coverage. That is why it is im...
Author: Alfred Winston

What are the benefits filing a 1040 tax return?

05th October 2010
Unfortunately tips are considered taxable income in the United States. A person will have to report any significant amount of tips that they receive on their tax return. An individual who receives a few cash tips probably won’t have to bother reporting t...
Author: bruceconans
Business Law

How to Find a Great Medicare Doctor

23rd September 2010
A couple years ago a study asked 200 patients who were treated by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Minnesota in 2001 to 2002 what qualities they looked for in their doctor. What they found were that patients wanted their doctors to be confident, empathetic,...
Author: winston

The U.S. Citizenship Process

07th September 2010
An individual is called a US citizen, when he/she is a legal member of the United States. Being a US Citizen , the individual has given many rights. The US Citizen may obtain the Social Security and Medicare benefits on retirement, given the right t...
Author: Linda_Williams
Immigration Law

Completing the US citizenship application

02nd September 2010
A person is called a US citizen, when he/she is a legal member of the United States. Being a US Citizen , the individual is rewarded with all the rights and privileges that become a part of US Citizenship. The individual may obtain the Social Security an...
Author: Linda_Williams

Payroll Software Aids Claiming Hire Act Exemption on 2010 Form 941

21st July 2010
On March 18, 2010 the federal government passed a new law the HIRE Act (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment). The enactment of the HIRE Act allows employers to claim two tax benefits. The tax benefits apply to workers hired after Feb. 3, 2010 but befo...
Author: Lisa Heather
Employment Law

An Introduction To Payroll Tax

20th July 2010
The Federal tax, Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax form a part of the Payroll Tax. This article will give a brief introduction on each of these tax heads that form the Payroll Tax. Federal Tax The Federal Tax is a portion of every individual's m...
Author: Gen Wright

Overworked and Understaffed-Why are Hospitals Failing Patients and Nurses

19th April 2010
Make no mistake about it; a qualified and adequate nursing staff is required by any facility to ensure safe and appropriate patient care.  Unfortunately, hospitals in America are facing a historic nursing shortage that is only going to worsen as baby boo...
Author: Rasansky Law Firm

Parsonage and Clergy Taxes

01st December 2009
Working for religious institutions is a service to God but to protect the interests of the ministers and rabbi, it is good to have financial information provided by the state. Most clergy including cantors, rabbi, priests and religious officers workin...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA

Payroll Tax--Ways to keep away from

26th November 2009
Some small trade proprietor can tell you about the payroll tax nightmare. The majority of the time, any expenses that are linked to your business can be added as an assumption on your taxes. A number of financial set back remains a business owner from bei...
Author: Leo Miller

FERA Gives Health Care Fraud Enforcement a Boost

19th October 2009
By Andrew B. Wachler & Amy K. Fehn, Wachler & Associates, P.C. The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) has long been a key weapon in the government's arsenal to fight health care fraud and abuse. With the passage of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act ...
Author: Wachler & Associates
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