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Personal Injury

Symptoms of head and spinal cord injuries

19th May 2010
Head and Spinal Cord Injuries may arise from accidents such as vehicular, industrial, pedestrian, and slip or fall. The head and spinal cord damage suffered from such accidents are serious no matter how small the fracture is. Medical treatment for head...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

The Pros and Cons of Taxes on Carbonated Beverages

30th April 2010
With the recent passage of Obama's health care reform bill, two topics have been in the news frequently: tax increases and the health of American citizens. One such tax increase is the so called "soda tax" which have been mentioned in Congress multiple ti...
Author: Roni Deutch
Personal Injury

Are You Using PolyGrip Denture Cream?

16th March 2010
The PoliGrip lawyers are busy handling the lawsuit filed by consumers against the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for the severe damages caused by prolonged use of Super PoliGrip, a denture cream.Following the reports of health complications associ...
Author: Rudy Silva