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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Potential Social Security Disability Benefits

04th June 2013
There are a number of adults today that are disabled from accidents, injuries, work related incidents, illnesses, birth defects, and other problems. These types of disabilities cause huge problems financially for people because they might not be able to ...
Author: Darrin Andrus

A Prescription Drug Lawsuit Is About Much More Than Financial Compensation For The Victims

14th June 2011
When individuals and families discover that a medication they have taken in the past led to a serious medical condition, they wonder if they have grounds for a prescription drug lawsuit. There are those that feel pharmaceutical lawsuits don't have much me...
Author: Roger Design

What are the types of environmental pollution? How can a dumpster rental help in Texas?

26th February 2011
Pollution in the environment takes different types namely air, water and land. The land that is not affected by pollution is found nowhere in world and Texas is not an exception. Pollution has it impact on all the biospheres of Texas. Pollution that i...
Author: Mary Sarah
Medical Malpractice

Depakotte Lawsuits

07th January 2011
Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects. Some of these side effects are so severe that they can seriously affect a person's lifestyle and ability to function properly. But there are attorneys who can help you recover monetary damages based on th...
Author: aaronklaw
Medical Malpractice

Depakote Lawsuits Due to Birth Defects

06th January 2011
Depakote, or known by a generic name of Valproate Semisodium, and Divalproex sodium is a drug that was marketed by Abbott, it is prescribed to treat manic episodes of bipolar disorder. Many doctors are prescribing it to prevent from someone having a manic...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Medical Malpractice

Hundreds of Paxil Birth Defect Cases Reported Settled

06th July 2010
(1888PressRelease) Court documents confirm the settlement of hundreds of Paxil birth defect cases pending in the mass tort program in Philadelphia. New York, NY - An order signed on June 15, 2010 by Justice Sandra Moss, has paved the way for the settle...
Author: Alberto Stellpflug
Medical Malpractice

The Time To File A Paxil Birth Defect Claim Is Running Out

19th March 2010
(1888PressRelease) The time to file a claim for compensation for children born with congenital heart defects as a result of exposure to Paxil is running out.New York, NY - It appears that the time to seek compensation for birth defects allegedly caused by...
Author: Alberto Stellpflug