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Medical Malpractice

Depakotte Lawsuits

07th January 2011
Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects. Some of these side effects are so severe that they can seriously affect a person's lifestyle and ability to function properly. But there are attorneys who can help you recover monetary damages based on th...
Business Law

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Arizona

06th January 2011
Forming a Business in Arizona In Arizona, the Limited Liability Company ("LLC") has become the standard for most businesses when choosing the type of legal entity to form. An LLC is an entity that is similar to both a corporation and a partnership. It ...
Business Law

Franchises: How to choose one and why some fail

06th January 2011
How to choose a franchise Franchises: How to choose one and why some fail Franchising is a popular way to start your own company, which is why it is not a business decision that should be taken lightly. When choosing a franchise it is important to obt...