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Criminal Law

Get a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County

24th November 2011
A criminal defense attorney is employed by someone accused of a crime. There are three main types of crimes or criminal offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Crimes can be determined by federal law, state law, or local law. In Orange County i...
Author: RammoonCarrasiel

The Role of Lawyers in Sale of property and conveyancing

18th November 2011
Conveyancing is the term legal used for transfer of a legal title convey from one to another. This system is designed to ensure that the wholesale name of the country, and all rights and advice on the possible restriction had before buying. The transmissi...
Author: paramattacitylegal

Role and duties of the criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas

22nd February 2011
The Houston defense lawyer’s role in criminal cases is to zealously represent his client within all legal and ethical bounds. The Houston defense attorney is as a defendant's supporter, advocate and counselor. Each and every defendant can have their own l...
Author: dennissmith

Defendant's Insurance Company Makes Low Offer To Plaintiff Hurt In SUV Accident

08th July 2010
In this article we look at yet one more claim in which an insurer made only low ball offers to settle a car claim in which the plaintiff sustained a considerable injury, this time an injury that definitely affected the injured person's ability to work. ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Attorney and Their Duty

01st July 2010
In general sense those individuals who are involved in criminal charges will look out possible ways to avoid and wind up the charges as soon as it is possible. Majority of people find the legal procedure as a tiresome task and to continue the proceedings ...
Author: NealDavis
Criminal Law

Plan your Defense with a Tampa Criminal Lawyer

20th April 2010
The key to presenting a successful defense of criminal charges in court is the relationship between lawyer and client. When you hire a Tampa criminal lawyer they should work with you to present a defense which has been built around a legal interpretation...
Author: juliannemayers
Personal Injury

Facing a DUI or DWI Case? Seek Legal Assistance

13th April 2010
One of the most common causes of vehicle accidents in the U.S. is Driving under the Influence (DUI) or also known as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Collisions involving drunk drivers are also considered more dangerous than those caused by drivers who ar...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
Criminal Law

Finding A Great Criminal Attorney To Fight The Case

07th April 2010
There are several reasons why one would be badly requiring the services of a criminal or a defense lawyer. The most basic reason is when one is charged with an offense. Being charged with an offense calls for the search of the right lawyer who could pull ...
Author: trendtrader
Criminal Law

Defense Attorneys Can Come From Both Sides of Courtroom

17th March 2010
Criminal defense lawyers sometimes bring a surprise with them into the courtroom. It's that they have been on both sides of the courtroom as a defense lawyer and as a prosecutor. Clients who may be intimidated by a defense lawyer with a prosecutorial b...
Author: Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Why You Should Refuse Everything if Pulled Over for DUI

10th February 2010
"What should I do if I'm ever pulled over after having a few drinks?" This question ranks as number two of the top ten most frequently asked. Thus, I have decided to let my philosophy out of the bag. I want to preface this article by saying that I am by n...
Author: Joe Zimbowee

Famous Fictional Lawyers - Legal Representation in Pop Culture and the Media

29th September 2009
From sublime to hilarious, fictional lawyers have entertained millions of people through books, televisions series and movies. From principled to bumbling to devious, these figures have left lasting impressions. Atticus Finch, from Harper Lee's novel "...
Author: Daniel Berry

False Accusations in Relationship and Date Rape Cases

15th December 2008
Forcible rape and attempted forcible rape between people who know each other make up a sizeable percentage of the false accusations in the criminal justice system. The cry of rape or abuse is a familiar cry when a relationship goes sour or when a woman ...
Author: Manny Z

What to Expect if you are Investigated for Medicaid Fraud in New York City

08th October 2008
If you have applied for Medicaid in the State of New York, and particularly in New York City, and misrepresented facts regarding your income and assets on your application, beware. You may become another target of relentless and massive hunt for fraudster...