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Business Law

Singapore Companies Act

04th February 2011
Like any other land, Singapore too has its Company Act that governs the businesses incorporated in Singapore. It is known as the Company Act (Cap 50, 1994 Revised Edition of the Singapore Statues). This is the new Act that came into effect on January 30 2...
Author: robertfogartys
Business Law

MBC funds: Providing an immediate access to your business financing.

31st January 2011
People run business to earn benefits and to make all its resources to the full use. However, people due to increasing competition today, takes risks calculated for their business objectives. Here, money also plays an important role. Risk and crisis are an...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Business Law

Key Differences Between the 3 Types of Singapore Company Formations

16th November 2010
There are a lot of advantages that businesses in Singapore would enjoy- advantages such as it is near major markets, the government is practical and reasonable, the benefits that foreign companies would enjoy in terms of taxes and corporate laws. These ar...
Author: zbenriquez
Business Law

EntrePass: Visa for Foreign Businessmen Planning to Setup a Singapore Company Incorporation

22nd September 2010
EntrePass is a visa for foreign businessmen who are planning to setup a Singapore company but lack college education to be qualified in Employment Pass which has less stringent company requirements. To make up for their lack of college diploma, EntrePa...
Author: asiabiz

The Importance of a Fictitious Business Name

10th July 2009
A business name identifies and distinguishes one product or brand from another. So, when starting a business, it is necessary to have an identity or name and file Fictitious Business Name (FBN) Statement before engaging in any transaction. This can as...
Author: Mesriani Law Group