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How and When to File Uncontested Divorce Forms

12th April 2010
The explanation is simple. An uncontested divorce is one where both spouses have mutually agreed on their issues or when one spouse chooses not to reply to Petition for Divorce. Most of the divorce applications in USA are not contested either because spou...
Author: Sharon Peppers
Criminal Law

Stolen Identity Can Cause Damage In Many Ways

31st March 2010
There are many different ways a stolen identity can benefit the thief while at the same time wreaking havoc on the victim's life. While the most common may be ruining their credit history by using the stolen identity to open charge accounts without any in...
Author: lisa lucero
Accident claims

Mississippi Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
Also known as the Magnolia State and called one of the very most beautiful and amazing states in the Southern part of the United States Mississippi is also know for many of its very dangerous roads. In 2004 alone over 900 people were killed in a car accid...
Author: Penelope Stone

Communication and Family Law

11th March 2010
From my friends in psychology, I know that that good communication is at the heart of good relationships. As an attorney, I can tell you that good communication is vital to successful legal proceedings as well. Perhaps nowhere is this more accurate than ...
Author: Mark Baer

Women, Divorce, and Smart Financial Decisions

09th March 2010
Divorce and its financial challenges are an issue almost no woman wants to face. After all, during divorce proceedings, not only is a woman considering the financial future of herself and her family, but she's also dealing with the emotional aftermath of ...
Author: Wesley Watkis

Austin divorce lawyers and attorneys

15th January 2010
Divorce is the final termination of a marriage, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between married persons. The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, child cust...
Author: Pankaj Modi

New York Divorce Law

23rd December 2009
What are the grounds for divorce in New York? If you are a resident of the state of New York, four of the grounds in New York divorce law are based on "fault" of one of the parties. They are: 1) cruel and inhuman treatment; 2) abandonment for one or m...
Author: Josh D. Simon

Texas Divorce Law

11th December 2009
What are the grounds for divorce in Texas? A divorce may be granted under Texas divorce law using either "Fault" or "No-Fault" grounds. Fault grounds include: (1) adultery; (2) abandonment; (3) confinement for incurable insanity for three years; (4...
Author: Josh D. Simon

Consumer complaints:-Ensure your consumer rights

27th November 2009
It is said that customer rights are universal and they are meant for every individual in the country. But many organization and manufacturers don't realize these rights and instead exploit their customers on issues related to duplicacy, bad behaviour, def...
Author: Consumer Complaints

Cheap Divorce - Is There Such a Thing?

12th November 2009
Going through a divorce can have a serious impact on your finances. The cost of divorce itself can be costly; however, it doesn't have to be this way! Never let anyone tell you that all divorces are expensive. It's simply not true! Providing you are able ...
Author: Simon
Personal Injury

claiming for whiplash - tips

31st August 2009
This article is free information for people who are interested in claiming for whiplash. When doing this the first thing to be mindful of is that it is actually the severity of the whiplash injury that dictates the amount of compensation that you recieve ...
Author: Jameseccles

Importance of RR65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire demonstrated by Banco Santander Group

31st July 2009
The importance of the Race Relations Act Questionnaire RR65 is highlighted by the high-profile Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins (2006) UK legal case, where the Employment Tribunal made a finding of race discrimination, which subsequently led to the ...
Author: Simon King

Suing Your Employer: The Uphill Battle

04th July 2009
The intense struggle employees, who have suffered employment related discrimination, can expect to experience when challenging a powerful employer is somewhat illustrated by the high-profile legal case Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins (2006). The Em...
Author: Simon King

Appeal Stages and Court Structure in Employment Disputes

23rd June 2009
The high-profile Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins [2006] legal case, where the Employment Tribunal's verdict of race discrimination led to the record £2.8 million compensation award, is due to be heard by the Court of Appeal next month (July 2009)....
Author: Simon King
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