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Immigration Law

Green card application – The whole 3 steps

28th June 2010
A Green card application is for the purpose of procuring a permanent residency status in the US (represented by the applicant getting a green card if the application is successful). Besides the card, one also gets legal authority to work in the US, which ...
Author: College ParkHigh
Immigration Law

Winning in a Green Card Lottery

08th June 2010
Most of us especially those living in a developing country have dreamed of living in the land of milk and honey, the United States. Getting a USA Visa is not easy but with the Immigration Act, those with lower rate of immigration to the US will be given a...
Author: Usafis
Immigration Law

Understand About Diversity Visa Lottery Program

29th April 2010
Immigrant visa is necessary for being in the United States. For a permanent stay in the United States and for the work permit and filing of taxes, a green card is required. There are several ways to obtain a permanent resident status. The Diversity Visa L...
Author: Usafis
Immigration Law

Explore The Green Card Lottery Program

19th April 2010
The Green Card Lottery programs have been started in the year 1996 through the Immigration Act developed to provide immigration opportunities to the natives of countries other than United States and those which have lower rate of immigration to the United...
Author: Usafis
Immigration Law

US Visa Thailand: Information About United States Visa Denials

30th March 2010
The thought of a visa denial is very distressing for many bi-national couples. The following article will briefly discuss visa denials generally and provide information about forestalling a denial. The US visa process for the spouse or fiancee of a Uni...
Author: US Visa Lawyer

K1 Fiancée Visa - Nonimmigrant Visa for Fiancée

20th February 2009
The K1 fiancée visa is a nonimmigrant visa for a fiancé (e) of a foreign nationality to come to the United States and marry his/her American fiancé (e) and reside in the States permanently. For a K1 nonimmigrant petition to be approved, the marriage mu...
Author: Reva Cruz

The K-3 Visa: What is it and who qualifies for it?

20th October 2008
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State (DOS) estimates that each year 450,000 US citizens marry foreign nationals. They also believe that a large percentage of these marriages are entered into solely for immigrat...
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