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Winning in a Green Card Lottery

08th June 2010
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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Most of us especially those living in a developing country have dreamed of living in the land of milk and honey, the United States. Getting a USA Visa is not easy but with the Immigration Act, those with lower rate of immigration to the US will be given an opportunity to get a US Green Card.
It started in 1996 and since then Green Card Lottery program has provided natives and immigrants an opportunity of living in the country legally. Every year, more than fifty thousand immigration visas are granted and given worldwide through this lottery program. If you feel like you are lucky today, you may try this type of lottery and who knows after waiting for so many years, you might be the lucky winner of this lottery and be a green card holder. Once a year, this lottery program is conducted and certain computer applications are used where it will randomly choose a number as the lucky draw. There are a variety of websites you may see offering this lottery program. Some websites are official and some are non-official. You can check out the website's online support if you're planning to apply to this lottery program. You may also find websites that provide service like updating your contact information any time you want since you will receive the green card based on the address you have in their record. Once you win in this lottery program, you will be issued an immigrant visa containing a stamp on it and it will serve as a proof that you can stay there permanently. If you win this lottery, you have a chance to bring your family including your spouse and dependent children. Just make sure that they are under 21 years of age. You only have the chance to submit the application electronically and not by snail mail. During the application, you need to check some of the eligibility points first. First you must be born outside US. Also, you need to check the immigration rate of your country. It should be low after comparing it to other countries in the past five years. Applicants should also be at least a high school graduate or have at least two years of work experience in a required field.

It is always best to travel and live in the United States when you have a green-card. If you are getting so frustrated waiting for your visa or getting denied from having it, try this type of lottery. You might be the next winner.
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