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Personal Injury

Frustrations of Compensation for Personal Injuries

08th February 2010
You are a victim, and you know you are a victim. You have been a good person and paid your insurance for years on end. Now the time has come where you need to claim and all you get is delays, delays and more delays. That is after denials of course. Whi...
Author: SmithSEO
Personal Injury

Compensation claims: a 7-step guide to the personal injury claims process

21st June 2009
You can make a personal injury claim in the UK on a no win, no fee basis. But how do these personal injury claims really work, and what are the possible outcomes? Here is a brief outline of the claims process you will go through if you choose to make ...
Author: Jessica Parker
Estate Planning

What to Think about When Changing Your Will

23rd April 2009
Making a will can be an emotionally challenging experience. It is one of those acts that incontrovertibly causes you to look a bit closer at your own mortality and consider what you want your final impact to be on a world without you. The fallout from a p...
Author: mgordon
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