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Telos VG Law Identifies the Four Steps of a Lawsuit

07th November 2012
Lawsuits can be very complicated and drawn out affairs, but they aren't always. In fact, many civil lawsuits are ended early in the litigation process by either a voluntary settlement or a decision to move into arbitration or mediation proceedings. Unless...
Author: Nancy Swenson

Los Angeles Business Litigation: What Is A Demurrer?

29th June 2012
In business litigation, attorneys representing defendants often challenge the plaintiff’s complaint with a demurrer. A demurrer is a motion which tests the legal sufficiency of the complaint. In other words, a demurrer asks whether a lawsuit alleges en...
Author: Laine T Wagenseller

Everything You Wanted To Know About Litigation Attorneys

03rd March 2011
As opposed to common beliefs of most US citizens, residing in cities like Las Vegas and Winchester, there are some lawyers who never have to go to courts. These attorneys advise their clients regarding the law and also help in reviewing and drafting docum...
Author: Aliceshown

Role and duties of the criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas

22nd February 2011
The Houston defense lawyer’s role in criminal cases is to zealously represent his client within all legal and ethical bounds. The Houston defense attorney is as a defendant's supporter, advocate and counselor. Each and every defendant can have their own l...
Author: dennissmith

A Thirteen Year Chronicle in Legal Unprofessional Conduct

15th February 2011
Experience in listening to potential legal malpractice litigants speak about their narrative reveals the shadowy side of a number of society's establishments: friendship, marriage, family. This instance,Benedict v Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan ;2010 NY Sl...
Author: jaksonmarki

Common Divorce Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

15th December 2010
Divorce is the termination of a marriage due to several reasons that are considered valid by law. Divorce completely terminates the marriage unlike legal separation where the spouses can live separately but their marriage still exists. Annulment on the ot...
Author: michellegillett

Legal Document Duplication, Legal Scanning, Copying, and Security Risks

21st July 2010
Confidentiality is a top priority for any legal proceeding, and legal document duplication is one way of keeping all information confidential. Legal document duplication is a means for document management for the legal community. For most firms and other ...
Author: Business Local

How to become a Good Attorney

01st December 2009
Signs you'd be A Good lawyer Considering law school? These are ten signs that you make a good attorney. 1. You adore to debate. Day in and day out, you argue about everything. About what to eat for dinner, about the correct amount of detergent for a wa...
Author: Gerg hook

The Stages of a Car Accident Lawsuit - What to Know

29th September 2009
There are basic stages to a car accident lawsuit, although not every step happens in each case. Every car accident lawsuit has individual circumstances and facts, and the appropriate lawsuit procedure is based on those. In the first stage, documents kn...
Author: Daniel Berry