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Understanding Salt Lake City Commercial Litigation

05th December 2016
Figuring out what exactly constitutes Salt Lake City commercial litigation is a difficult task. It can be helpful to reach out and consult a local lawyer, like John Bogart, in order to better understand what exactly this branch of law encompasses. Salt ...

Finding A Lawyer For Your Salt Lake City Intellectual Property Litigation

05th December 2016
Your search for a local attorney not only capable, but perfectly suited to handle your Salt Lake City intellectual property litigation can be frustrating, protracted and headache inducing. There are steps to take to ensure you arrive at the door of a qua...

Telos VG Law Identifies the Four Steps of a Lawsuit

07th November 2012
Lawsuits can be very complicated and drawn out affairs, but they aren't always. In fact, many civil lawsuits are ended early in the litigation process by either a voluntary settlement or a decision to move into arbitration or mediation proceedings. Unless...