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Accident claims

What A Lancaster Motorcycle Accident Attorney Advises After A Motorbike Mishap

06th October 2011
As per a Lancaster Motorcycle Accident Attorney a motorbike accident can be a shocking, horrifying, and life-threatening experience. Crashes can occur before either party has time to react, resulting in severe injury and damage to anyone and everything in...
Author: KevinMadden
Medical Malpractice

$4.5 Million For Mother Who Lost Baby From Delay In Medical Care

09th July 2010
Paramedics, who are generally the first on the scene of a medical emergency need to provide treatment that meets the applicable standard of care. Their ability to notice symptoms, to make fast and accurate decisions as to whether to contact a physician fo...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Person Learns He Has Advanced Colon Cancer Even Though His Doctor Knew Of Symptoms For Years

23rd June 2010
Colon cancers on occasion bleed. In certain cases, the blood may show up in the stool. IN those circumstances in which the cancer is near the rectum, the blood may even surface as bright red. Regardless of whether the blood cannot be seen, the bleeding ma...
Author: J. Hernandez