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Copyright & Trademark

The necessity of a secure document destruction policy

23rd February 2011
Do you have the plethora of documents in your organization which is making it difficult to sift through the relevant records and causing problems in their management? If this is indeed the case, then perhaps you require the services of a company which is ...
Author: Grace Records

Handling Your Auto Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

17th December 2010
Most people suffering injuries from a car accident assume that when they follow the process, they will receive a fair and timely settlement for injuries resulting from the auto accident. Yet claims adjuster delays are common and most large auto insurance ...
Author: Steven Gursten
Employment Law

Is the New Social Security Verification System "SSNVS" Making Life Easier for Employers

12th July 2010
The Social Security Administration recently (finally) created a database that employers can access to verify that the SSN number of an employee is accurate. Great news, right? Who needs pre-employment social security number verifications as part of the ba...
Author: Brad Jones