The necessity of a secure document destruction policy

23rd February 2011
By Grace Records in Copyright & Trademark
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Do you have the plethora of documents in your organization which is making it difficult to sift through the relevant records and causing problems in their management? If this is indeed the case, then perhaps you require the services of a company which is deft in the development of records management systems as per your requirements. And, this shall be done well in time since the delayed decision could mean that the documents would keep piling up and the problems will increase.
A document management system is a whole process wherein the paper based or the electronic documents are classified, indexed, stored and even destroyed. All these steps in the process of the records management system also ensures that these can be retrieved easily by the authorised people and can also be automatically presented to be in the work flow. For easy document access across different locations, the document management system shall be good enough to facilitate the same. Another provision that shall be there is the access to be granted to the authorised people only who have the required codes for the same. For the gaining of access to classified and sensitive information, there could be multiple verifications in-built in the system.

Secure destruction of the documents is also an important part of this process. The big or the small organizations do require destruction of the documents in a number of ways. This might be required due to the sensitive nature of the same, which shall not be made available to the others. It could also be for the simple reason that the documents have outlived their utility and the same are not of use any more. Secure document destruction is also needed for the reason of freeing up the storage space or because these have been stored and secured for a long time in a different media which occupies less space.
The companies do have very well laid down policies for the destruction of the documents. These policies are required so that there is uniformity and consistency in the methods of securing the destruction of the documents. The policy could be having the following characteristics:
1. Authorisations: The policy could authorise some of the people of the organization to order for the secure document destruction.

2. Presence of some specified employees or officials: It could even require the personal presence of some of the organization employees which could be verifiable.
3. Specification of the method of destruction, with focus on the eco-friendly methods: The Company may also outline the method to be followed for the destruction. It could be the one step destruction or the multiple step destruction of the documents. It could even be asking for the use of eco-friendly methods of destroying the same.
4. Checking and verification of the secure destruction of documents: After the documents have been destroyed in the most secure manner, the same shall be checked and verified by one or more authorised people.
Therefore, the whole process of the secure destruction could be followed with the detailed policy guidelines in this regard.
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