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Immigration Law

What is Schengen Visa? What are its Uses?

11th October 2011
With the world becoming a global village now the need for lifting regional restrictions is being felt by many to facilitate restriction-free travel across other, especially neighboring, nations. In such a scenario, Schengen Visa comes into picture. It is ...
Author: preeti sharma
Business Law

The Ins And Outs Of Your UK Trademark Registration

12th August 2011
A trademark is a phrase, word, design, symbol or a combination of phrases, words, designs, or symbols that identifies the source of goods/services of one party from that of another party. With trademark registration, you obtain the exclusive right to use ...
Author: Robert Fogarty
Immigration Law

What Are Double Benefits Of Citizenship For You?

16th May 2011
Some people have dual nationality was born. Others, is a choice. In the first case, the consequences of any such recurring part of your birthright. In the second group, you must decide whether the consequences of obtaining dual citizenship will provide yo...
Author: Mirza Usman
Accident claims

Accident Claims: What Everyone Should Know About Holiday Accident Claims

08th September 2010
Never before have so many of us travelled. Cheap flights abroad and easy access to information means it has never been simpler to travel. Sadly, one of the downsides of these changes is that we are more likely to have an accident abroad. However, even tho...
Author: Jessica Parker
Immigration Law

Getting A Work Visa To Spain

02nd July 2010
Working in a foreign country is great way to finance your travel to the country. But if it is about working in Spain, citizens of EU (European Union), do not require a visa to travel and work here. However, if you belong to a non-EU nation, it is importan...
Author: rachael michael
Immigration Law

Dual Citizenship for German Nationals

16th June 2010
A significant change which occurred on 28 August 2007 in German Immigration law, has received little media coverage but could positively affect many. This change in the immigration law principally allows citizens from EU member states to retain their pass...
Author: Gherson
Employment Law

Age is just a number...the High Court decision on compulsory retirement in the UK

15th November 2009
Age is just a number.... The High Court in the UK have recently upheld the compulsory retirement age of 65. Mr Justice Blake rejected the challenge brought by Age concern and Help the Aged and held that the Government's default retirement age of 65...
Author: Clive Thomas

Process Agent

09th January 2009
Many companies based overseas may be required by the parties with whom they are entering into an agreement to appoint and authorise a process agent to receive court papers (otherwise known as process) in England and Wales in the event of any legal actio...
Author: london-registrars

Data Exclusivity: The Implications for India

22nd November 2005
Data Exclusivity: The Implications for India By Alfred Adebare, Of Counsel, LexCounsel, Law Offices E-mail: What is Data Exclusivity: Data exclusivity refers to a practice whereby, for a fixed period of time, test ...
Author: Alfred Adebare