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Getting A Work Visa To Spain

02nd July 2010
By rachael michael in Immigration Law
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Working in a foreign country is great way to finance your travel to the country. But if it is about working in Spain, citizens of EU (European Union), do not require a visa to travel and work here. However, if you belong to a non-EU nation, it is important for you to have a work visa in order to work in Spain. Once you have attained a job offer inside Spain, obtaining work visa is just like completing immigration paperwork and also obtaining documents from the country they live.

The basic requirements to obtain a work visa to Spain contains a job offer in Spain, information from your country, Spanish immigration forms, forms EX-1 which is actually the official Spanish application that is duly singed and stamped by the person or company offering you the job. You also need three passport size photographs to create the formalities.

First of all it is important that you get at least two photocopies of your passport. You will be required to send the origin of passport along a single photocopy along with your visa application. Also ask your employer to send you a stamped and singed Spanish immigration form EX-5. This form is going to be the formal offer that confirms your employment and also whether the employment is a part-time or full-time. This form also suggests whether the job will last for more than 10 months or not. It is important to fulfill these requirements in order to be eligible for getting a work visa to Spain.

Also ask the company that is offering you the job about its financial identity documents (CIF document). You may also ask the company to furnish TC-1 and TC-2 that confirms the Social Security of the job offering company. You will have to get these documents certified by the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria and Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social in order to make sure that the company is not under any Social Security or taxes obligations.

Make sure that you provide the official certification which confronts that the job that you have been offered was advertised to EU nationals and Spanish people as well. It also had to make sure that the job offered was not filled and there was no one better than non-Spanish national for the same job. If necessary, you can get certified transcripts and degree certificates for the job that has been offered to you. You will also require a certified check for criminal background from the police authorities of your country.

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