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Bankruptcy Law

Reorganizing For Your Future

27th October 2010
Joliet bankruptcy attorneys are doing a brisk business this year already compared to last. Most Joliet bankruptcy attorneys report that they are seeing many more people coming through their doors asking for help in reorganizing their finances. It is a dau...
Author: ArticleSubmit Auto
Bankruptcy Law

Predatory Payday Loans End in Arizona

24th September 2010
Even though much of Arizona is mired in a financial recession, there are still people out there that are trying to take advantage of those that are down on their luck. These predatory lenders can devastate consumers. Predatory loans can come in the form o...
Author: Max Gunderson
Real Estate Law

Would You Like A ' Sell And Rent Back House ' Solution?

21st September 2010
Itís not easy leaving a house that youíve made your home. When youíve got kids who have been going to the neighborhood school for years, and youíve got neighbors who have become great friends, selling your house is like uprooting your lives and starting a...
Author: David Cuerden
Bankruptcy Law

Convenience Comes with a Price

17th September 2010
Bankruptcy filings are on the rise nationwide. Every state has shown an increase in bankruptcy filings over the past year. However, the down economy is not only forcing individuals and families to seek financial protection through filing bankruptcy. So...
Author: Max Gunderson