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Reorganizing For Your Future

27th October 2010
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Joliet bankruptcy attorneys are doing a brisk business this year already compared to last. Most Joliet bankruptcy attorneys report that they are seeing many more people coming through their doors asking for help in reorganizing their finances. It is a daunting task with a human toll. Many Joliet bankruptcy attorneys are working with neighbors, friends and even relatives to get them back to some type of financial baseline. Each person Joliet bankruptcy attorneys help goes towards restoring just that little bit of the economy. The more helped the better and more stable the local economy.

If there can be a message during these tough economic times it is, do not wait until it is too late before seeking out professional help. The deeper the financial woes the harder it is to dig yourself out. The most important thing, it is stressed, is to take stock of your current situation and make sure that you have a plan to arrest the slide.

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Or worse, they are living off their credit cards. This is an unsustainable lifestyle, and when one bad thing happens, it all collapses. A job loss or a sudden expense and then it can be downhill fast.

It is even a good idea to seek out an attorney before you turn to one in desperation. Better to be prepared and to have a plan.

Ask your relatives and friends if they have an attorney they can recommend. Chances are they will. Many people over the last ten years or so have had to reorganize their finances, and they have had to seek out professional help to do so. If you have extremely smart or luck relatives or friends, then take your search to the Internet. There most attorneys have web sites detailing their professional information and personnel.

The Internet is a little too impersonal for such sensitive things? Try a church or community organization. Often these organizations have names they can pass along, or even have attorneys who are members

Message: find an attorney and do not wait for disaster.

Once you and your attorney meet you can share your plan for your financial future. Yes, there is a future. It might seem very cloudy at the moment, but financial reorganization happens to millions and it is not the end of the world. Many do recover and prosper.

Your attorney will be a good advocate for you, but you must be your own best advocate, because no attorney knows fully what your goals are.

The advice given by your attorney may be to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will have you selling most assets and paying off those you owe. Chapter 13 will let you keep some assets and organize a repayment schedule for creditors.

Or the advice might be simpler and keep you out of the courts: work out a private repayment program and watch your pennies.

Listen to the advice, share your hopes and dreams, and start on the recovery path that financial reorganization can lead to.

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