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Internet Law

How Identity Theft Happens?

05th April 2011
While new internet users are still asking "what is identity theft?" the crooks are operating in high gear! Identity thieves steal your personal data because they want others to think that they are you, and the motive may be as simple as being able to b...
Author: Joy Mali

Preventing Tax Related Identity Theft

09th February 2011
The United States Federal Trade Commission estimates as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of someone else’s personal identifying information - such as Soci...
Author: Roni Deutch
Criminal Law

Why Identity Theft Protection Is Important

30th March 2010
Identity Theft Protection is a concern for some people, although it should be in the minds of everyone who conducts any kind of financial transaction online. The electronic age has forever altered the way in which we control and manage our finances. But t...
Author: Jesse Whitehead
Criminal Law

Identity Theft Laws Only As Good As Enforcement Efforts

26th March 2010
In recent years tough new identity theft laws have been passed by the federal government and many states that make it a felony to use the social security number of another person to obtain credit or defraud the government. Of course, it has been illegal f...
Author: lisa lucero

What To Do If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity

19th March 2010
What should you do if someone steals your identity? Unfortunately, you can't just put a "lojack" on your identity and have the police just go and pick it up. The bad news is that recovery from identity theft can take years and cost thousands of doll...
Author: gmanty
Criminal Law

Several Functional Identity Theft Protection Arrows

15th March 2010
Identity theft is something that can affect almost everyone - no matter where they live, and regardless of your age, social standing or race and color. Thieves may spare your car and your near and dear ones and may even leave your wallet unaffected becaus...
Author: lisa lucero