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Divorce in Thailand

01st November 2012
This will explain the options for the divorce if one party is a Thai national. The main things to concern are location of the marriage, assets, and child custody. Under the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, divorce is permitted in two categories: Divorc...
Author: panit p

Specifications of Divorce

21st November 2011
Divorce was considered to be against the public interest, civil courts refused to grant a divorce if evidence revealed any hint of complicity between the husband and wife to divorce, or if they attempted to manufacture grounds for a divorce. Divorce can b...
Author: Vikas Gupta

The Perfect Free Divorce Records

10th May 2011
Latest reports show that the percentage of married couples getting divorced all over the country today has already touched over 50%. This type of case is one of the many concerns that most States are facing these days. The Freedom of Information Act says ...
Author: Ben Dave

Divorce in India

21st March 2011
There was a time when one out of a hundred marriages used to end in a divorce, in India. This was one of the lowest divorce rates in the world and definitely much better when compared to countries like the UK, when one out of three marriages ended in a di...
Author: Vikas Gupta

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

21st March 2011
Mediation is a dispute resolution procedure in which an impartial 3rd celebration - the mediator - facilitates negotiations between the parties to support them get to a mutually acceptable settlement. The mediator does not make a selection about the end r...
Author: joanne

How To Get The Best Divorce Advice

09th March 2011
You need to get the best divorce advice, such as the best divorce advice for men, from a site that will give you the state as well as any federal guidelines when it comes to divorce. Divorce is a state issue and you usually have to live in the state in w...

Uncontested Divorce – Mutual Agreement or No Fault Divorce

28th February 2011
There seems to be a bit of public confusion about what is meant by "uncontested divorce". A few words on the subject may serve to clear things up. Many people will say that they have, or want, an "uncontested divorce" when what they really mean is that...
Author: braxtondouglas

Items Of Public Divorce Records

01st January 2011
There is no doubt at all that right to freedom of information act has changed the whole society. Few years back, no one would have thought that he could get the information related to the delicate issues like divorce through online application. However, t...
Author: Sarah Martin

Minnesota Is a No Fault Divorce State

14th October 2010
Divorce law differs from state to state. Some states recognize “fault” divorce, and some offer “no fault” divorce. In states at that permit at-fault divorces, one party must prove the grounds for divorce, such as adultery, cruelty, abandonment, etc. Minne...
Author: chrisbanas

A Complete Guide in Getting a San Diego Divorce

13th October 2010
Individuals who are getting through divorce find themselves so involved in its emotional aspects that they tend to forget the fact that the process of divorce is a legal matter. It is important to have adequate knowledge of the legal issues involved in yo...
Author: Joseph Carter

An Overview of Divorce in Texas

28th September 2010
If you’re seeking a divorce and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW), you already know the urban sprawl that has taken over much of the north Texas prairie. Accordingly, the sheer size of the divorce court structure may motivate you to seek the servic...
Author: Jon R. Boyd

Divorce & Abandonment - Legally Speaking

22nd September 2010
I have been a divorce lawyer in Oakland County Michigan for many years and over the years I have often been asked at the initial meeting "Will I face abandonment issues in my divorce because I moved out of the home or if I move out of the home?" Fortun...
Author: Cameron Goulding

The First Steps To Divorce

25th August 2010
Every action for divorce starts with the same document: a complaint. The complaint will list certain identifying information about you, your spouse, and, if applicable, your children. One of the items you are required to list is your address. The complain...
Author: MW Smith

Introduction of Hindu marriage act 1955

12th August 2010
The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 was enacted by the Indian Parliament in the year 1955 with the intention of regulating the personal life among the Hindus, especially their institution of marriage, its legitimacy, conditions for divorce and applicability etc. ...
Author: Help Line Law

Divorce Types

05th July 2010
There are two different categories for legal grounds for divorce: "Fault" and "No Fault". What is "No Fault" divorce? "No Fault" divorce is when the spouse suing for divorce does not have to prove that his or her spouse did something wrong. Every ...
Author: Optimize4you
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