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Family Law

Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

14th May 2012
Family law attorneys specialize in a variety of cases, including cases that involve divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support and guardianships. There are many reasons to hire a family law attorney and many benefits that can...
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Choosing A Divorce Lawyer With Expertise in Local Requirements and Regulations

14th June 2011
Divorce is a difficult decision to make for any couple no matter what the circumstances may be. Divorce lawyers do not always make it any easier because their purpose is to take care of their client. However, it is also important to understand the importa...
Author: Christy

How Employment and Family Lawyers Can Help

19th April 2011
As legal citizens, individuals must have knowledge when it comes to their own personal rights as well as their employee rights. As people go through tough times, it would be wise for them to know what they are up against and what privileges they have, esp...
Author: Mike Clark

Divorce Lawyers: The Key To Getting What You Want

18th February 2011
Divorce is never easy. Someone, if not everyone involved, gets hurt. The soon-to-be exes, the kids and the extended family all feel the sting of the breakup even if the relationship wasnít the greatest. However, unless there is a change in heart by both ...
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Personal Injury

Be Legally Ready To Face Any Personal Injury Case

12th January 2011
A personal injury lawyer is one who handles cases relating to any injury caused to an individual in person, property, rights or reputation. Such injuries could happen at work, in a traffic accident, because of a faulty product or a faulty repair, because ...
Author: Melville Jackson
Family Law

All About Family Law

15th December 2010
Family law is the specific branch of law that deals with issues concerning the family. This includes the nature of a marriage, divorce, child support, and legitimacy. In most courts worldwide, the most docketed cases call for the courtís specialty in ...
Author: michellegillett

The Dangers of Not Having Quality Divorce Lawyers

13th October 2010
Divorce is tough. Itís never easy for any of the parties involved. This is true not only for the adults, but also the children if there are any involved. There are a number of aspects of divorce which are particularly tricky. The division of assets and ch...
Author: sismediagroupseo

Carlsbad Family Law Attorney Ė Experience Matters in Divorce Cases

18th August 2010
When someone faces the prospect of ending his or her marriage, that person is likely already dealing with difficulties in several ways. No one who is ready to file for a divorce is in a positive place emotionally, and the risks of taking this step withou...
Author: mindfix
Family Law

Child Custody Court Ordered Preparation

11th August 2010
In cases where it is child custody is contested, family lawyers therapists and mediators can help get parents in this difficult situations, it is necessary that the plan developed is child centered so that their children's interests are taken care of. ...
Author: Kirby Foley
Family Law

Family Lawyer in Houston

10th August 2010
In this economy, we find ourselves immersed in a world of issues both professional and personal. It seems that with larger cities, the problems can be larger as well. Houston is the fourth largest city in United States, with a population of about 2.2 mill...
Author: Chris Collings
Family Law

The Role of the Child Advocate

17th May 2010
In contemporary times, divorce, single parenthood and government intrusion are American facts of life. As more Americans face job losses, difficult financial problems and dissolution of marriages, it appears the youngest in our society are not always at ...
Author: Employment Resources

San Diego Divorce Lawyer James D. Scott Explains High-Income Divorce

12th May 2010
James D. Scott, founder of Scott Family Law, a San Diego based divorce and family law firm, and author of 100 Favorite California Family Code Sections and 105 Laws of Evidence explains the California laws for high income divorce. If you make $1,000,00...
Author: Caldiatech
Family Law

Family Lawyers

04th March 2010
Family lawyers are probably 1 in the most stressed men and women within the world, specifically right here within the nation in which divorce rate is continually soaring to all-time highs. Regardless of the stressfulness although, employment possibilities...
Author: Ted Weiss

Alberta Divorce

07th December 2009
Alberta Divorce Finances will provide invaluable assistance to matrimonial lawyers and mediators. Alberta Divorce Finances will help lawyers quantify, clarify and identify clients' financial situation. We will help by explaining the tax implications of va...
Author: Jack Copper

Hulk Hogan finally settles acrimonious divorce with wife.

25th September 2009
After 20 months of bickering, haggling, and nasty accusations, the Hogans have finally cut a deal. Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan and his wife of 25 years, Linda Bollea, came to a settlement today in a Clearwater, Florida court. A short hearing -- during ...
Author: Josh D. Simon
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