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Alberta Divorce

07th December 2009
By Jack Copper in Divorce
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Alberta Divorce Finances will provide invaluable assistance to matrimonial lawyers and mediators. Alberta Divorce Finances will help lawyers quantify, clarify and identify clients' financial situation. We will help by explaining the tax implications of various property division scenarios.

We will help lawyers by working with your clients through financial document preparation (e.g. Budgets, compilation of documents, etc) and analysis of potential financial settlements. Information will be provided in a clear and concise manner to help support your case.

Alberta Divorce Finances will also partner with collaborative lawyers to form part of the collaborative team or with mediators to form part of the mediation team becoming an asset in reaching a resolution. We will analyze and present the financial information in an unbiased and well laid out format.

Alberta Divorce Finances is Alberta's only divorce financial practice. Sharon L. Numerow is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and the founder of Alberta Divorce Finances Ltd. For more than a decade, she has consulted with individuals, couples and family lawyers to help people understand how an impending divorce will change their financial future.

Alberta Divorce Finances is also a financial resource for divorce lawyers and mediators. We are strategic partners to law practices supporting matrimonial lawyers or the collaborative law team. We will work with mediators to form part of a formidable team helping couples to come to resolution on all of the financial issues. We will enhance the work of lawyers and mediators by helping your clients clarify and understand their financial decisions.

Alberta Divorce
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