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Personal Injury

Grounds for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Canada

03rd October 2011
If you have been injured by another person, whatever medium used for the assault, or whether it was done intentionally or by negligence, it is your right to ask payment for the damages done, especially if the person caused long-term damage. Personal injur...
Author: Mike Clark
Internet Law

How to protect your business against internet defamation

16th December 2010
The Internet is, as the cliché goes, "a marketplace of ideas." Whether a person has an opinion on politics, commerce, or even the show they saw on TV last night, there is always a forum to spread their opinion on, and that opinion will be available worldw...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Personal Injury

Personal Injury is Not a Personal Problem

20th October 2010
A personal injury is more than an injury occurred by one‘s self and is definitely not a person problem. This type of injury is one that is caused to the mind, body or emotions. Lawyers who take on personal injury claims are required to help the injured ...
Author: phil

Matt Fiddes v Channel 4, Studio Lambert & Jane Preston

25th June 2010
Channel 4 and Studio Lambert have made various statements to the press, through themselves and Katherine Jackson, which must not stand unanswered and uncorrected. Matthew Fiddes and Channel 4 agreed to settle this action by mutual consent, on the basis...
Author: Tony Murtagh
Internet Law

Staying within the law - Part One

22nd March 2010
By its very mature, the Internet has created a multi-jurisdictional business environment - and myriad ways to fall foul of the law.As a society we are becoming increasingly litigious. And the legal issues affecting online businesses in particular are both...
Author: Dave Rich

How to use a defamation solicitor

02nd March 2010
If someone says something about you that is false, but is implied to be true, this could be termed defamation. If you can prove that the statement is untrue and has caused damage to your reputation, you could make a claim for compensation through the cour...
Author: Ben Letham

When to hire a Los Angeles Defamation Attorney

15th July 2009
Defamation of character injuries are often filed between individuals in Los Angeles. It all begins on the playground when you're five. Some bully tells a lie about you, and suddenly the whole neighborhood stops playing with you. That is an oversimplificat...
Author: Dietrich Elliot

Defamation Personal Injury Claim Compensation

15th April 2009
A lot of people, upon hearing the utterance of the word 'defaming,' naturally assume that the term is exclusive to people that have some sort of elevated public profile: they assume that to be defamed, it is necessary, firstly, to be famous. This is not t...
Author: Nigel Thomas

Slander And What To Do About It

27th March 2009
By turning to the dictionary definition of slander it is possible to know exactly what slander is, for slander is quite specifically a malicious, false and defamatory statement or report is made about a person. Notice how nothing is mentioned in relation ...
Author: rudi oneil

Dealing With Slander

20th March 2009
When a slander is committed then it is not to be mistaken as anything other than a facet of personal injury: if you have been a victim of slander than you are entitled to personal injury compensation. To define slander is to say that something has been sa...
Author: rudi oneil