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Divorce and Its Consequences

16th March 2011
Why do some marriages end up in divorce? Are you looking for ways to save your marriage? In the US and in other developed nations, marriages have almost become a come and go affair in a society where couples can just get rid of each other through divorce....
Author: nevana74

San Diego Divorce Lawyer James D. Scott Explains High-Income Divorce

12th May 2010
James D. Scott, founder of Scott Family Law, a San Diego based divorce and family law firm, and author of 100 Favorite California Family Code Sections and 105 Laws of Evidence explains the California laws for high income divorce. If you make $1,000,00...
Author: Caldiatech
Bankruptcy Law

Can You Really Be a Success in Life after Bankruptcy?

29th April 2010
Bankruptcy can not only prevent failure but it can also be a key to success. Can you imagine how much easier it could be to follow your dreams without the burden of debt looming over you?The very second that you decide you don't want to live with the burd...
Author: JamesBrown