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Real Estate Law

Foreclosure Tsunami Strikes the U.S

04th October 2011
A tsunami seems to have struck the US. As homes increasingly fall prey to foreclosure notices; it really appears that there is a huge tidal wave that threatens the real estate market. People are increasingly giving up homes Ė these homes have run u...
Author: karen
Business Law

Free online mortgage calculation

01st March 2011
For most people mortgage calculation can be a very complicated process with so many figures and terms that sometimes donít seem to make sense. However, mortgage calculations can be a simple and less complicated exercise because the internet has many free ...
Author: Pension Annuity

Determine Property Taxes Before Purchase

05th January 2011
As the rate of defaulted loans and foreclosures continue to soar in many locations, numerous counties have discovered that the rate of unpaid properties taxes is also on the rise. The metro Detroit area, in particular, is experiencing a record high rate o...
Author: Bryon Burgess

How to Buy a House For Back Taxes For $200 or Less

10th December 2010
Want to make a boatload of cash from property? Here's how to buy a house for back taxes. When you get it the right way (outside of tax sale), it can be virtually headache-free and very profitable. The steps below will have you buying tax property for $200...
Author: Maggie Dawson
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Automatic Stay

04th May 2010
Automatic stay is a powerful protection device for consumers in the realm of bankruptcy. A bankruptcy automatic stay can be defined as temporarily evaluation that has been automatically placed once the bankruptcy petition has been filed by a company or in...
Author: BrianJoneta