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Role of Cost Lawyers and Law Costs Draftsman

15th June 2012
Introduction: Different states have distinctive laws and regulations to govern the litigation process. Lawmakers in the countries have made bills, which are lobbied in the congress to be approved as laws. In certain states, such issue regarding the expens...
Author: Huma Khan
Copyright & Trademark


20th April 2011
A newly released Mantra legal proceeding offers settlement to company entrepreneurs trying to enroll shade as a trademark (TM). Government Court judgment of Mars Australia Pty Ltd v Société des Produits Nestlé SA [2010] FCA 639 (Mantra case), Mars Austral...
Author: kylejamy

Meaning of property tax

11th April 2011
This property tax is uncommon and in every country the norms and conditions for the property tax varies. The tax percentage is decided by the tax department and everything is fid and has to be paid to the concerning authorities. This property tax often...
Author: Micheal

Tax money and about it

11th April 2011
The money is the ultimate source for living and it is everything. If money would not have been there then it is useless to think off this world and many more things have just come from this basic idea which is money. If money would not have been there ...
Author: Micheal
Medical Malpractice

Three Points in a Medical Malpractice Case

22nd February 2011
How do you know whether the error of a medical professional gives you an acceptable ground for filing a claim? This is not an easy task without adequate legal knowledge and expertise. You would need to talk to a medical malpractice attorney to ascertain t...
Author: Ashley Smith
Bankruptcy Law

The 5 Greatest Myths About Bankruptcy in 2010 by Marc Tow

18th January 2011
The 5 Greatest Myths About Bankruptcy in 2010 by Marc Tow In this economic climate many more taxpayers, couples, families and businesses are turning to bankruptcy than ever before. When the paychecks have decreased, money has been pulled from every ac...
Author: Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy – History, Developments and Recent forms

22nd November 2010
Bankruptcy … as in the recent times wasn’t the same always. Its origin was an outcome of the necessity of the creditors to recover the money from the merchants who failed to return the amount. Prior to 1542, this wasn’t a legal proceeding though, but was ...
Author: sprucegrove

Understanding the concept of a chain of custody is always critical to the use of evidence in a legal

09th November 2010
Understanding the concept of a chain of custody is always critical to the use of evidence in a legal proceeding. As an expert witness, you do not always form a part of the legal ‘chain’. occasionally, you are given access to evidence in a secure facility ...
Author: Judd Robbins
Bankruptcy Law

Navigator of hard time of insolvency

03rd November 2010
Houston bankruptcy law firm is the pioneer bankruptcy law firm to tackle all cases related to financial transactions. They help you to come out of this hard situation very easily. Houston bankruptcy lawyer helps you to start afresh and show you way out t...
Author: jemmyfoster

Legal Document Duplication, Legal Scanning, Copying, and Security Risks

21st July 2010
Confidentiality is a top priority for any legal proceeding, and legal document duplication is one way of keeping all information confidential. Legal document duplication is a means for document management for the legal community. For most firms and other ...
Author: Business Local
Real Estate Law

Foreclosure defense: When fighting for your home is worth it?

26th April 2010
Losing your home to Foreclosure is anyone's worst nightmare. Worse, if you are in the situation, or feel that you will likely to be soon. At some point in time, you may begin to think that it is easier to let the house go into foreclosure so that you ...
Author: Hamery

The Good Divorce Attorney

27th January 2010
Trying to talk with a divorce attorney can be a difficult job. This is complicated by the mixed emotions boiling over due to stress and your worries about the probable financial distress that will ensue. If you have children, then the agony is doubled see...
Author: Robert Don

Austin divorce lawyers and attorneys

15th January 2010
Divorce is the final termination of a marriage, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between married persons. The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, child cust...
Author: Pankaj Modi