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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney
Member Since: 27th December 2010
Occupation: Head Attorney
No of Articles: 1
About Me: I have been practicing law for 30 years. I specialize in real estate law, bankruptcy law, civil litigation and business law, working primarily with small and medium-sized private and public companies, families, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals. I truly care about my clients, and work in a personal, friendly environment with the happiness and success of our clients’ companies at the forefront of our priorities.

I have been running my law firm for over 30 years; I have also built a thriving foreclosure company as well as been a licensed real estate broker for several years. I feel as though this helps me to understand all aspects of the law I practice.

Education is very important. I attend continuing education seminars and courses on the topics of Bankruptcy Law and Litigation. I also take online courses when they seem particularly interesting or beneficial.

My experience is vital. I represented a millionaire businessman in a 60 million dollar bankruptcy and three years later he was rich again. I have also represented a family and saved their house from foreclosure and saved them from a financial and marital crisis. These are just two examples of cases that I have had that show how I can adapt to any case or situation.

I have four major objectives:

* To build successful and winning relationships with our clients
* To assume major challenges on behalf of our clients and resolve them
* To support the visions of our clients and attorneys
* To make a positive impact on our community and the legal profession

Above all, I am committed to the long-term success of my clients and offer practical, growth-oriented strategies with precise and timely implementation.
Bankruptcy Law

The 5 Greatest Myths About Bankruptcy in 2010 by Marc Tow

18th January 2011
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