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Understanding Your Long Term Disability Insurance Policy: How A Coverage Lawyer In Illinois Can Help

09th July 2012
At some point in time, nearly everyone has been warned to “read the fine print” before making a purchase – usually with an accompanying cautionary tale that makes your eyes pop open in disbelief! And most people would agree that it only makes sense to rea...
Author: Project

long term disability attorneys

16th August 2011
Disability insurance is a benefit that is generally one of the most important parts of a benefits package. While some companies opt to fund a short term disability or don’t even offer one at all, many more employers do offer a long term disability program...
Author: martin2020

Toronto Injury Lawyers in Preview

18th April 2011
An injury law firm has been conceptualized and built in Toronto with the goal of helping the people of Toronto who are involved in accident, whether it be a road, industrial or domestic accident. Toronto Injury Lawyers are run and managed by experienced l...
Author: Aperillo

Sun Life Appeal Denied – Company Must Pay Long-term Disability

18th January 2011
The U.S. Court of Appeals does not see as many appeals from long-term disability companies as it does from claimants. It does happen, though, and the following case is an example. Sherry DeLisle and Sun Life Insurance Company of Canada (Sun Life) met in c...
Author: Greg

Workers Compensation Settlements and Long-Term Disability Insurance

01st July 2010
Workers compensation settlements can occur when an employee suffers a permanent injury caused by a work accident. When a disability rating is determined following a medical examination, the employer's workers' compensation insurer may offer a lump sum set...
Author: Hawkbacker
Accident claims

Whiplash Injuries

02nd March 2010
Whiplash injuries are a common result of a car accident because of the sharp changes in speed and direction of the body. Rear-impact, or rear-end car crashes tend to produce the most cases of the whiplash personal injury because the occupants of the front...
Author: Jason Epstein

Traumatic Brain Injury From Auto Accidents

22nd February 2010
Approximately 1.4 million people experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI)each year according to the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders. Transportation accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians account for half of a...
Author: Steven Gursten

Reasons Why Applicants Are Denied with SSD Benefits

10th December 2009
Recent government data shows that two-thirds of Social Security applicants in 2008 were denied with their claims. And of those who filed for an appeal, 60 percent have successfully received their benefits. There are many reasons why some applicants ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Causes of Rejection of Social Security Disability Benefits

10th September 2009
The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is the largest federally-assisted program that provide monetary assistance to people with impairments and disabilities that prevent them from working. Because this program provides an extensive assistance...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

LA County Short Term Disability Plan

12th June 2008
When dealing with a disability, people often think only of permanent and total disability or long-term disability. Usually, employee's time off have three levels, namely: • sick leave for the person needing a few days off • short term d...
Author: Mesriani Law Group