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Business Law

Financing Accounts Receivables in Canada: Important Advantages

23rd February 2011
Over the years, Canadian companies have faces challenges in finding sufficient working capital to fund their growth. This has led Canadian companies to find more creative ways to provide the financing accounts receivables. One of the biggest hindrances fa...
Author: Accutrac

Tips On Filing Late Tax Returns Why You Should File Your Taxes Even If You Dont Have the Money to Pa

14th February 2011
You will need to know, for tax purposes, when you purchased the items, and for how much, the fair market value of the items on the day you donated them to charity and the name and address of the charity. If all else fails, than just bite your tongue and w...
Author: Merrill Montgomery

Tax Planning Strategies

14th February 2011
With the amount that you save, from lowering your last estimated tax payment, review the possibility of placing $5000 or more, if you are over 50 years old, into an IRA account by April 15th of next year. This will help to lower your tax liability. (Check...
Author: Merrill Montgomery

Are You Missing Out on Millions of Dollars in Tax Credits & Incentives

01st February 2011
Each year, businesses overlook millions of dollars in Tax Credits and Incentives. Furthermore, billions of dollars of local, state and federal tax credits and incentives are unclaimed. Businesses can retain more of their revenue and increase cash fl...
Author: Staff Writer
Real Estate Law


20th January 2011
Wholesaling real estate is a new, more profitable business strategy to gain the desired level of income within a short period of time. This is why many people who also having other business firms, professions are investing huge amount of money for buying ...
Author: jaimes


13th January 2011
In 2009, the IRS accepted only 11,000 “Offers In Compromise”. That’s less than 1% of the 15 million delinquent taxpayers. So why were these 2009 acceptance rates by the IRS so low on submitted Offers? And why should you be very careful in selecting...
Author: Michael Sherman

ClearPoint Tax Resolutions’ Tax Relief Program

04th November 2010
ClearPoint Tax Resolution began with a mission of helping good people and companies obtain relief from their IRS pressures and tax problems. Unlike many companies, ClearPoint Tax Resolution focuses on doing one thing, and doing it as effectively as possib...
Author: Cperez

When You Can't Pay Your Taxes

26th October 2010
When You Can't Pay Your TaxesThere is certainly this type of worry related to submitting taxes that individuals work their selves' right into madness of anxiety as well as possible debt. In the event you report your taxes, and recognize that you must pay ...
Author: Kurtis Golden
Real Estate Law

Interest Only Home Loans - What You Need to Know

09th August 2010
Interest Only Term Rates When you take out an interest only home loan, you are taking out finance that allows your repayments to be based only on interest that is being accrued on the total borrowed amount. Other loans require you to pay the interest a...
Author: ElizabethMclean
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