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Are You Missing Out on Millions of Dollars in Tax Credits & Incentives

01st February 2011
By Staff Writer in Taxes
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Each year, businesses overlook millions of dollars in Tax Credits and
Incentives. Furthermore, billions of dollars of local, state and federal tax
credits and incentives are unclaimed. Businesses can retain more of their
revenue and increase cash flow by taking advantage of tax incentives and

Business Tax Credits and Incentives Consulting
can help your corporation
take full advantage of the programs offered, while building a solid workforce.
Consultants can change the way your company conducts business in 2011.

Business and Tax Credits Incentives Consulting can identify opportunities
where your corporation can save money and maximize the amount of credits and
incentives available. We will inform your corporation of current regulations
regarding incentives. Our company will also submit agency forms, calculation
credits, file appropriate taxes and maintain records. We will ensure that the
corporation remains in 100% compliance.

Our company will review your corporation’s business practices and determine

which incentives are applicable to your situation. We will gather information
related to eligible corporate tax incentives and document your deductions on
your tax forms.

Common corporate tax incentives are provided for your edification:

Federal HIRE Act Program

On March 18, 2010, the Federal HIRE Act program was signed into existence to
provide incentives to companies who hired unemployed individuals or part-time
workers. The companies receive a Business Tax Credit and a Social Security

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Nearly, 20% of employers are eligible for tax credits of $9,000 or more for
hiring employees. Our company can help you receive the tax benefits that you
deserve. If your company hires long-term welfare recipients, the company is
eligible for WOTC under the Long-Term Family Assistance Program. Corporate tax
incentives are available for up to $9,000 per employee, as well as, disabled
veterans and individuals in the Designated Community Resident target group. Up

to two years of the employee’s wages may be eligible. This program is extended
through August 31, 2011.

Federal Empowerment Zone Credits

The Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) Wage Tax Credit Program provides up to
$3,000 per employee in corporate tax incentives for hiring employees in
communities and zones that are economically disadvantaged. The corporation must
also be in the zone where the employee resides and qualifies.

Research and Development Credits

Our company can also help your company receive corporate tax incentives for
improvements made in research and product development. Tax liability deductions
are available to corporations that implemented product and process improvements
that were more cost effective or that engaged employee groups in research.

California Enterprise Zone Credits

California provides corporate tax incentives for businesses that hire
ex-offenders, disabled persons, Native Americans or other socioeconomic
designations. Additional credits may apply for business expenses, leasing, loan
interest, equipment purchases and net operating losses.

State and Local Tax Incentive Programs

Corporations may qualify for various tax credits, such as geographic economic
stimulus, expansion of jobs, hiring welfare recipients, wage-based incentives,
environmental clean-up and training credits.

*For more information on implementing your

tax credits and incentives program
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