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Real Estate Law

Incentive Clauses

12th March 2010
Above are just some of the basic provisions of a lease. However, you can also turn your lease into a valuable marketing tool for your business while at the same time providing extra satisfaction for your tenants. Here are just a few basic ideas, which wil...
Author: jackauthors
Real Estate Law

Commercial Tenants - 8 Tips When Assigning or Subletting Your Lease

15th January 2010
Subletting commercial property can be legally complex. If you rent commercial property and are considering either assigning the lease or subletting it, or if you already sublet a commercial premises, you might not be completely sure of your rights and the...
Author: Tim Bishop
Real Estate Law

EPCs for Landlords – Purpose

06th January 2010
Documentation is available to help landlords with the production of EPCs for their properties in the following ways: • T o assist DEAs (Domestic Energy Assessors)and HIs (Home Inspectors) in the production of EPCs for properties which are of a simila...
Author: crenergy
Real Estate Law

EPCs for Landlords – Background

06th January 2010
One of the important areas of the recent strategies for tackling climate changes is the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings or EPBD. As around 50% of all carbon emissions in the UK actually come from buildings it is vital that the en...
Author: crenergy

Lease-Purchase Agreement Advantages and Disadvantages

21st December 2009
The recession on real estate property has been worse and the rental business was affected by this crisis as well. Many landlords are offering new type of contract to the tenant which is called the lease-purchase agreement contract. This kind of contract g...
Author: James Kahn
Real Estate Law

Understanding the Legal Rights of Tenants

21st December 2009
Tenants or people that rent property from a property owner or landlord are protected by several laws. While most landlords are honest, hard-working people that want to provide tenants with a safe, clean home in which to live, some are dishonest and more ...
Author: Oliver


17th November 2009
The High Court of Delhi ("DHC") has on April 18, 2009, by a composite judgment allowing 26 writ petitions, held that no service tax can be levied on pure renting of immovable property for commercial purposes. While the judgment has been welcomed by mos...
Author: Alishan Naqvee
Real Estate Law

Saving Money When Engaging In The Conveyancing Process

01st August 2009
Conveyancing is a process few people ever hear about until they have to go through it via the purchase or selling of their first property. After getting what it is straight, the next step would be ‘how to go about it wisely' and in credit crunch tim...
Author: CatM
Real Estate Law

Why Invest In Foreclosures?

18th May 2009
The most vital factor that is considered while buying our own home is to make a good bargain in real estate. But the fact is this is not quite simple as we dream. To facilitate us in such critical situations there is a pretty easy way of investment in rea...
Author: johndavid658
Criminal Law

Criminal Background Checks and Well-informed Decision Making

29th April 2009
It's a dangerous world out there and you can never be too sure. There are a lot of people who you think you know but are actually not who they say they are. A criminal background check is somewhat a necessity nowadays; it's not too much to ask for, with t...
Author: CharlieDavidson

Minnesota Assault Offenses

12th September 2008
Minnesota law distinguishes between assault and battery in civil lawsuits. However, under its criminal code, battery is included under the heading of assault. An assault is an act done with intent to cause another injury or imminent fear of injury. The ac...
Author: Robert Palmer
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